Zebra ZT600 Series Industrial Thermal Printer Replacement for Zebra Xi


Zebra ZT600 Series Printers -The next phase in the legendary Zebra Xi Series Industrial Printer Family  

Zebra ZT600 Series featuring the 4" Zebra ZT610 and the 6" Zebra ZT620

Never before has there been a new series like this in the history of Zebra Xi Thermal printers. So bright, easy, and strong, the new Zebra ZT600 Series now beats all the Xi units in history. The Xi has a loyal following earned with long service life, reliability, durability, and speed. The old Zebra Xi has dominated workplace printer installations. The new ZT600 continues the legacy and has improved in key areas.


Media Loading for Labels and Ribbons. WOW, what an improvement! No more ‘threading-the-needle’ in a Zebra Xi model. Easy, intuitive loading from the side cuts down on time to reload and the training of new users.
Red User Display. Its face turns red when it has trouble! The new ZT600 has a red display if a media error occurs. Users can see it from across the room.
Runway Lights. Well, not precisely, but the ZT600 has integrated internal cabinet lights. They show how and where to load the labels/tickets and ribbon, then change color to show problems.
Now-What QR Codes to Videos? Can’t remember the fix? There are QR Codes for users to access specific videos for specific errors.
Head Off Issues with Printheads. These heads make it easy to be a quick-change artist. There are no more wires and, better yet, no more hassles. There are great easy-to-adjust pressure toggles with a scale and pressure indicators color-coded. All these improvements work toward the simplification of setup and operation.


“It’s all right to be little-bitty” (says, Tom T. Hall and Alan Jackson). Need to print tiny little labels? Labels for circuit boards and such? The ZT610 with 600 dpi prints on 3mm labels with superb print alignment and registration.
Ready when you are – for RFID. The built-in readiness for the optional RFID upgrade gives the buyer peace of mind. If RFID is in the future, the ZT600 is ready to move with you.
Smart insight. Keep up with these printers from a distance with Zebra Link-OS or integration into systems. Management connectors ease the use and integration into SOTI Device Management and AirWatch. Zebra’s Visibility Service Portfolio and Operational & Asset Visibility Services (OVS/AVS) keep watch.

*Discontinued printer models are occasionally offered refurbished or remanufactured. Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.