TallyGenicom 6800 Line Printers – Up to 2000 LPM

The TallyGenicom 6800 line printers from Printronix


The TallyGenicom 6800 family offers a fully compatible upgrade from old legacy Tally and TallyGenicom line printers. 

Current TallyGenicom line printer heritage: the TallyGenicom 6800

Make a smooth upgrade of new printers into your current Tally printer fleet. The TG 6800 family offers various speeds, including 500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 lines per minute, while providing the rewards from the improved reliability and the service benefits of new Printronix printers.

Models Available in the TallyGenicom 6800 Line Printer Family:



HIGHER SPEEDS —    C6820 – 2000 LPM          C6815 – 1500 LPM

MEDIUM SPEEDS —   C6810 – 1000 LPM           C6805 – 500 LPM         P6805E  –  500 LPM

TallyGenicom 6800 Line Printer Features:

All models are compatible, direct replacements for earlier TallyGenicom printers, and all are ENERGY STAR® qualified.

Obsolete Ribbons for the old TallyGenicom 6200 and 6300

The OEM TallyGenicom has ended the production of ribbons for the old legacy Tally 6200 and Tally 6300 models.  Third-party ribbons have proven to be hard-to-find, poor quality, and expensive. By upgrading to the new TG 6800 line, customers eliminate inferior ribbons’ troubles and extra high costs.

Is your company trying to limp by with these printers?

Tally T6218, Tally T6215, Tally T6212, Tally T6206; TallyGenicom T6218, TallyGenicom T6215, TallyGenicom T6212, TallyGenicom T6206.

Tally T6312, Tally T6306; TallyGenicom T6312, TallyGenicom T6306.

Make your move today.

Budget-Friendly Refurbished Options for your Old Tally 6200 or Tally 6300

HEY! You are using an old printer now, right? Improve your company’s position now with a great budget package from GLM. Freshly renovated, restored, refurbished printer with great looks, plentiful ribbons in the market, and a great service guarantee from PCI Service.

WHAT DO YOU NEED? 1) Someone to eliminate your issues with printing. 2) Compatibility to your old T6200 or T6300 and working with your current server setup. 3) Keep the cost low, for there are budget reasons you had not bought a new printer, right?

TAKE YOUR CHANCES?  Well, why not shut the machine off right now?  Oh, it’s critical to your operations? Then let us help you stop ‘kicking the can’ and use your wisdom to address this issue in your budget plan for the year! If that printer comes to a hard stop, can’t get good ribbons, cannot get it repaired right, is that a problem for your group AND your boss?

Impact printers, line/line matrix printers, dot matrix printers, and serial matrix printers.

*Discontinued printer models are occasionally offered refurbished or remanufactured. Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.