Printronix P7220 Line Matrix Printer – Replace Printronix P5215 and P5220


The Printronix P7220 line printer is the fastest line printer on the market today! Available as P7220 spool printer model or P7C20 cartridge printer model.
Find your BEST deal on the FASTEST Line Printer available.  It is time to replace the old IBM 6400 and Printronix P5000 printers. Move up to the reliable Printronix Cabinet Line Printer. Enjoy performance up to 2000 LINES PER MINUTE with printers refurbished by experts. Ask for a quote.

Printronix P7000 Series Product Brochures

printronix p7220 line printerPrintronix P7220 Line Printers – Key features:

Wide-Page Printing – Forms up to 17″ wide

Office or Warehouse Use – Quiet, low-decibel printing

Built for Batch Volume – High-speed slew rate combined with 2000 LPM

Handles Specialized Forms – Multi-up, multi-part, or heavy stock

Unattended High-Speed Impact Printing – Fan-fold labels and forms and automatic stacking

Rugged – For harsh environments

The Printronix P7220 – Replacement for the Following Printronix and IBM Line Printers:

  • Replacement for Printronix P5220 and Printronix P5215
  • Replacement for IBM 6400-i20, 6400-i24, IBM 6400-i15, IBM 6400-015, IBM 6500-V15, IBM 6500-v20
  • Use ribbon cartridge # 255048-402 or spool ribbon # 179499-001 in spool machines

 High Speed and High Reliability

The Printronix P7220 is the favorite mission-critical line printer for distribution, manufacturing, mail operations, and other industries that rely on high volume, low-cost printing.  The Printronix P7220 line matrix printer performs its duties with high quality, high speed, and equally important to our customers, high reliability. Proven over a dozen years of production, the top end of the Printronix product line is comfortable pumping out bills of lading, invoices, Cheshire labels with IMb barcodes, toxicology forms, shipping labels, shelf tags, and of course, wide paper “Greenbar” reports. Find your best deal on the refurbished Printronix line printers by contacting GLM Group today.  Click “Get a Quick Quote” and learn more.


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