InfoPrint 4100 Printer

InfoPrint 4100 Continuous Forms Printer

Productive. Reliable. Sustainable.
InfoPrint 4100 Quick Tech Summary
InfoPrint 4100

Print speeds (up to) 1440 IPM.
The greatest print width of 19.0″ (482 mm).
Industry-leading 600-DPI image quality.

The InfoPrint® 4100 Advanced Function Printing System.

  • Produced high image and text quality.
  • One of the highest laser printer speeds when first offered as available.
  • Allowed users to have more output with fewer devices and less operator time. 
  • New InfoPrint toner. This toner further improves print quality and media flexibility at ultra-high speeds.
  • Extended support for the pin-less operation
  • Enhanced Productivity Tracker Version 2.1
  • Increase in production throughput with new sensors and other engine improvements
  • High speed at up to 330 linear ft/100.6 m per minute (1,440 2-up duplex letter impressions or 1,354 2-up A4 duplex impressions)¹
  • Industry-leading 600 dpi image quality. It is suitable for all applications, from “TransPromo” to publications and direct mail.
  • MICR toner printing supported at ultra-high speeds
  • InfoPrint POWER controller. Superb functionality and performance. Parallel multi-RIP processing and color emulation.
  • Extra-wide format (19.5″ paper width, up to 19″ print width) for proper 3-up pages
  • Support for a wide range of media

InfoPrint 4100 Production Print Topics

Most laser-printed mail pieces print on high-speed continuous form laser printers. Great options are available from GLM Group for professional mail shops nationwide. Our customers demand reliability in production environments. They value flexibility in operation. They decide based on competitive operational costs.
We have sold continuous form solutions to customers across the country. GLM studies the workload, the print window, and the pre-print and post-print issues. We configure a solution competitive for your printing needs.
In continuous forms printing, duplex printing uses two print engines. The paper runs through both machines or engines. Twin-engine units like this can run as two singles, producing simplex output. Not all continuous feed laser printers have a controller that allows duplex.
Producing high volumes of continuous labels is an excellent use for continuous form printers. Consider the label adhesive and media reliability. Select between hot roller fusing and flash fusing units.

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Laserline Models Discontinued*


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Flash Fusion Models Discontinued*


InfoPrint 4100

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InfoPrint Models Discontinued*

*Discontinued printer models are occasionally offered refurbished or remanufactured. Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.