About Warren Neeley – Continuous Feed Printing Expert

GLM Group Founder and General Manager

Warren is the General Manager and Founder of GLM Group, established in 2005. GLM Group, in collaboration with Printer Connection, specializes in providing enterprise-level printers, forms, maintenance services, and implementation consulting, focusing on the re-engineering of electronic information flow.

Sales Specialist for Continuous Feed Printers

Warren Neeley is a seasoned professional in the IT hardware/software sales industry, boasting over four decades of experience. Since 2008, he has been a pivotal figure at Printer Connection as a Sales Specialist for Continuous Feed Printers. His expertise includes mission-critical enterprise printing solutions, particularly in high-volume and precision-demand environments.

IBM Printer Division – Senior Channel Manager

Earlier in his career, Warren Neeley held significant roles at IBM, including Senior Channel Manager for the IBM printer division, where he developed business partners and managed resellers and distributors.

Warren’s professional journey reflects a blend of technical expertise, leadership, and a passion for technology and business development. His approach is marked by a direct, ethical style, combined with a love for humor, music, and travel. His specialties encompass a wide range of areas including enterprise printers, software applications, business development, technology, website development, and marketing program development.