Printronix ODV-2D Thermal Printer Validator

Printronix ODV-2D Validator – Affordable and Fully Integrated

The Powerful Printronix ODV-2D on the Industry-Leading T8000 and T6000e Four-Inch-Wide Printers

Now including SIX-INCH-WIDE T8306 and T8206 thermal printer models from Printronix delivering barcode inspection!

The Printronix ODV-2D is an option on the robust Printronix T8000 printer and Printronix T6000e platforms. ODV-2D includes a Printronix ODV-2D Validator Optionbuilt-in data validator. Use it to grade barcodes to ISO standards and store a detailed report of each transaction. This exclusive technology reads every barcode on your T8000 and T6000e printed labels. It over-strikes the label of a rejected barcode and reprints a new label for use.

Printronix ODV-2D ROI

The ODV-2D pays for itself. Get accelerated Return-On-Investment by
  1. Eliminating chargebacks and fines for non-conformance labels;
  2. Eliminating reprint time and productivity loss;
  3. Damage to your Company’s quality image;
  4. Innovative features allow it to integrate with ease into existing applications.


Regulatory compliance standards and fines are growing across the globe. Ensuring your products leave your facility labeled with accurate, correct, and readable barcodes is critical. ODV-2D Validator handles these needs with the strength to validate up to 50 barcodes per label, INCLUDING 2D Barcodes. The ODV-2D reads and grades every label printed on the T8000 or T6000e based on ISO standards.

Printronix ODV-2D Strikes Out

ODV-2D label overstrike

T8000 overstrike of rejected bad barcode label.

When the Printronix ODV-2D rejects a barcode, it ruins the label for the user. On the T8000, it strikes out the entire label. With the T6000e, about an inch of the label is spoiled for the user with overstrike. It then reprints the label without operator intervention. You can generate a report directly from the printer with data on every label printed and graded. Systematically archive that data, document your customer care, and you may never pay compliance fees again!
Check out a press release on the ODV-2D by CLICKING HERE.

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What is the Difference Between a Printronix ODV-2D Validator and a Verifier for Barcode Inspection?

The answer is – not much with the Printronix ODV-2D. A VERIFIER provides technical analysis to agreed-upon international standards (ISO). The intelligent design of the ODV-2D meets the reality of production environments. As a result, the ODV-2D Validator does not need bulky external light sources. Neither does it need an extended cabinet. The Printronix ODV-2D validation process provides the information required by ISO verification standards. As a result, the ODV-2D is a state-of-the-art printer validator that does not rely on antiquated add-on accessories. Choose the Printronix ODV-2D for compliant label output.



*Discontinued printer models are occasionally offered refurbished or remanufactured. Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.