Printronix T800 Thermal Printer

Printronix T800 Thermal Printer

Printronix T800 is the choice for Enterprise-level desktop printing in either RFID or regular duty thermal printing.
The Printronix T800 Thermal Printer is a convenient form factor for the desk while delivering high performance, dependability, and the PSA Printronix System Architecture features. It is fast and easy to operate. The T800 runs at up to 8 IPS inches-per-second and can generate 1,000 label prints per day. Thermal ribbons can be as large and long as 300 meters.
Printronix T800 Desktop Thermal

Printronix T800 Positioning

Choosing the Printronix T800 gives the user the liability of Printronix in a convenient small size. The T800 can perform strongly as a hearty unit in a small space. Customers that have come to rely on Printronix for years from printers like the legendary T5000 can bring the same language compatibility and operations tools to bear in a much smaller workspace. Choose it for:

  • Productivity. The smallest footprint from Printronix while packing a big punch. A top speed of 8-ips. A long ribbon of 300 meters. Prints 1,000 labels per day. The T800 is one of the most productive entry-level industrial printers available.
  • Adaptability. Optional RFID puts the label generation at the points needed in your organization in a terrific, affordable platform. Capable of Ethernet, USB for host or device, RS232, and optional WiFi or Bluetooth. It has the same capabilities as the larger units in the Printronix family.
  • Dependability. With a solid double-wall clamshell frame, broad operating temperatures, and 8,000 hours of MTBF, the Printronix T800 makes a wise choice for tough-duty thermal printers.

Printronix T800 RFID

The T800 RFID-equipped unit has an adjustable antenna and features auto-calibration. It can support a range of labels from as small as 0.625 inches in length, and the antenna adjustments allow for non-standard positions for the inlay.

The Strong Offerings of the Printronix Product Line

After many years within the Printronix Company product line, Printronix sold the thermal printers business to another giant in the printer business – TSC Auto ID Technology. TSC has been a silent partner in the growth of the logistics business as the OEM factory for many lines of thermal printers sold by others. Choosing to operate in the background no longer, TSC bloomed in the marketplace, buying Printronix enterprise market thermals, establishing the TSC brand in the industrial, mobile, desktop, and workflow-integrated print engine markets. TSC opened and staffed TSC AutoID America to represent and grow TSC, Printronix, and newly acquired Diversified Labeling Solutions.

T800 Product Benefits

• Four-inch print width
• Available in 203dpi or 300dpi
• Reinforced plastic enclosure
• Supports all major thermal printer languages
• Transfer and direct printing
• Color 3.5in LCD nine-key control panel
• Standard Ethernet, USB, and serial interfaces
• Optional Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac and MFI Bluetooth 5.0
• On-Pitch RFID, multi-position antenna
• 4-32 GB SD memory card capability
• Optional Premium Asian fonts

Printronix T800 User Example

The user had run the Zebra 105SL thermal printer in the office, printing 1000 to 1500 labels per week. The direct thermal labels are 1.0 x 3.0 inches. Zebra would recommend the ZT510 printer at an MSRP of $2,149, but in 2022 there were delayed for months.

  • The Printronix T800 is 4” wide, 203dpi, has a fast print speed of 8 ips, and a duty cycle of over 1,000 labels per day.
  • The T800 has been in stock and is ready to ship.
  • With the Printer Language Emulation Suite, the T800 can assume the role of a Zebra printer and perform flawlessly.
  • Label media: Media Roll 5”; Core 1” or 1.5”; Fanfold box or large-roll feed option.
  • Add an external label unwinder for your current 3” core labels for around $100.
  • With the delivery within the US, the sale price is under $1,000.

*Discontinued printer models are occasionally offered refurbished or remanufactured. Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.