MicroPlex F64 Continuous Form Laser Printer


The MicroPlex F64 is a versatile, easy-to-use continuous feed laser printer. Prints up to 64 PPM in 2-up mode.

MicroPlex F64 Wide-web Laser Printer
Shown with optional Power Stacker

MicroPlex F64 Continuous Forms Printer Highlights

SPEED: 63 IPM Two-Up; 41 IPM on 8.5″ Length
DUTY CYCLE: 300,000 pages/month, Two-Up

MicroPlex F64 printers are versatile, easy-to-use continuous-form laser printers. The F64 Microplex continuous-form printer is a new-generation print engine with a small footprint. It provides the user with flexible media management capabilities by utilizing two independent pin-fed tractor cassettes, the Intelligent Paper Stacker (IPS), and an integrated Cutting device.

Download PDF: SOLID-F64 – Spec Sheet

Solid F64 Features

  • USPS MERLIN™& Intelligent Mail® Barcode Compliant!
  • 63 pages/minute print speed (two-up letter)
  • 2-Up support for Letter and A4 format,
  • 18 media width
  • 300,000 pages/month duty cycle
  • Two different fanfold media paths,
  • alternatively accessible
  • Integrated Paper Cutter for print job separation
  • Low Power Consumption
  • More than 17 other emulations

Applications :

  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Banking
  • Mailing
  • Insurance
  • Fulfillment Services
  • Health Services
  • MICR solid Applications for E13B and CMC7
  • PIRA Certified

Optional Features :

  • Optional intelligent Paper Stacking (iPS) without operator involvement

Handling media widths of up to 18 inches wide, the F64 is ideally suited for decentralized, network-based environments, supporting industries such as banking, mailing, insurance, fulfillment services, health services, distribution, and logistics.

The multipurpose SOLID F64 can also print MICR (CMC7 and E13B) and is PIRA-certified. The optional Intelligent Paper Stacker (IPS) assures the stacking of forms up to 3,000 pages without operator involvement.

MicroPlex is offered through GLM’s authorized affiliation with Printer Connection, Inc., a long-time distributor of MicroPlex products. Many customers have inquired through our GLM website and acquired MicroPlex from GLM’s sales relationship with PCI.

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