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GLM Group was started in 2005 by Warren Neeley. GLM provides solutions through its PCI Solutions joint venture with Printer Connection, Inc (PCI).

Warren-Neeley-GLM-Group2023 marks the fifteenth year of teaming with PCI to provide value to print customers while driving partner sales growth records with SATO. Warren has two decades of experience with IBM and another decade operating SMB companies.

He has real-world experience counting inventory, shipping products, meeting payrolls, acquiring equipment, and financing company cash flow. His recommendations come from personal insight.

“Here’s what I’d do if I were you” is a statement based on actual time in the customer’s shoes rather than some platitude from someone without a real-life business perspective.

Warren Neeley is the General Manager of GLM Group and the continuous feed printer specialist with PCI Solutions, a part of Printer Connection, Inc.


The mission of GLM Group is to market to and solve concerns of handling output and IT interactions. This mission covers re-engineering print output via software, evolving to different printer styles, printer hardware selection and acquisition, and moving to electronic output and input.

One specialty is CF – Continuous Forms laser printers. Through the relationship with Printer Connection, Warren and his GLM Group have sold over 100 of these large and mission-critical laser printers across the US.

GLM can specifically work this mission for you in two ways:
Team with Us — Teamed with your IT firm and partnered as their Printer Specialist;
Choose GLM — Working directly with customers.

“Print Less and Print Better”™

GLM offers printing solutions and expertise typically not found with firms operating as one-stop IT hardware/software resellers.

Know When to Bring Great Partners

GLM teams with consultants and vendor partners based on experience and the ability to deliver value rapidly. We are careful in who we represent and what we recommend. Our solutions are what we would do in the client’s exact situation.


GLM Group maintains this website that provides visibility and customer reach of our capabilities across the World Wide Web to customers in North America and worldwide.

GLM Group is located in the DFW / North Texas area. Still, wherever the opportunity may be, hardware products are available to ship to a foreign company’s freight forwarder or FOB Fort Worth, TX, at the facilities of Printer Connection.

Assistance and Activity

Our prospects find GLM via internet search queries across North America. We quote equipment or solve implementation issues for customers within various industries.

Given that you are reading this website, you are in good company. We have met a lot of good prospects and customers through searches finding our site. Here are a few of our new friends and acquaintances through the GLM Group website:

  • Appliance manufacturer;
  • Aircraft manufacturer;
  • Regional distributor of hardware;
  • Tropical fish distributor;
  • Regional dairy association;
  • Dollar store national chain;
  • Large home improvement retailer;
  • Pharmaceutical distributor;
  • Chain of food market stores across seven states in the northeast;
  • Manufacturer of aircraft parts;
  • Counties and cities;
  • Car dealers across the country;
  • Sportswear manufacturer;
  • Food distributors;
  • Printer/copier equipment manufacturer;
  • A fashion retailer in the UK;
  • Reseller to the postal service in Turkey;
  • University in the Midwest;
  • Underwear manufacturer in Canada;
  • Direct Mail processors;
  • Mortgage company;
  • Reseller to a bank in Nigeria;
  • Automotive parts supplier;
  • Insurance company;
  • Automobile manufacturer;
  • Motorcycle rally operator;
  • IT hardware sales and service firms;
  • USA bottler of a well-known root beer and other drinks;
  • Canadian bottler of the famous soft drink product from Atlanta, GA;
  • and our pen-pal in Slovenia with an InfoPrint 4000

Social Marketing and Media

Read Warren’s blogs and posts for PCI Solutions and Printer Connection:
On Printer Connection News on Blogspot. Warren posts on Facebook via facebook.com/PCIprinters. Customers can also find his news and views on his LinkedIn account.