Printronix P8210 Line Printer – Cabinet Model – 1000 LPM


Printronix P8210 line printer for 1000 LPM printing while within a great Quiet Cabinet. Designed to provide the most reliable as well as most economical printing in the workplace. Gone are the days of putting up with a loud dot-matrix unit in the office. Get a P8210 and go to work!

Printronix P8210 Line Printer Highlights:

Printronix P8210
Printronix P8210 Line Printer

Deal with an Expert in the Line Printer Market – Mobile Users, call 817-939-5614
Upgrade from old 6400-010 or P5210.  Uses 255048-402  long-life ribbon cartridge.
Order number with Ethernet, Americas config: P8C10-1111-0

Printronix P8210 quiet cabinet line printer

Prints up to 1000 lines per minute

The Printronix P8210 delivers a competitive “cost of print” by being the entry-level P8000 unit with the large Extended Life 255048-402 ribbon cartridges. Doing a quick Supplies Cost of Printing analysis will prove that it is less costly to buy a 1000 LPM printer and ribbons than the lower-sale-price 500 LPM unit if you are printing a moderate or high output level.  Ask for the analysis in your case, and GLM Group will be glad to show you.

Printronix P8210 Line Printer for Mission-Critical Performance

Rely on your line printer and maintenance service

The P8000 family is built for reliability, but if you have been around IT and printing, you know that things happen, likely at the most inopportune time! Electromechanical devices and human interaction will occasionally call for a service call to adjust or repair something. If your business calls for a line printer, your output is most likely critical to your operations. The P8000 is highly reliable, but any printer can need maintenance service plus preventative cleaning.

Backup Strategy

If the output is critical, don’t try to back up your operations with a completely different printer format. Take a critical look at your backup plan. If your business is affected by being down for a few hours, ask about an affordable Hot Spare program. Don’t be at a standstill until the Service Tech arrives.

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*Discontinued printer models are occasionally offered refurbished or remanufactured. Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.