Printronix T8000 Thermal


The Printronix T8000 printer performs up to 14 inches per second at 203 dpi. It is a rugged, high-end thermal barcode printer. Great for harsh warehouse environments

Printronix T8000 High-Performance Thermal Printer

Printronix T8000 High Performance

The Printronix T8000 is now the premier high-end thermal printer in the market.
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The Printronix T8000 Thermal Printers – Now

  • Delivering unparalleled mission-critical performance
  • Providing operator ease of use
  • Validating 100% readable barcode output
  • Printronix T8000 Printers far exceed the needs of challenging distribution and manufacturing operations.

Printronix T8000 High-Performance Highlights:

Highlights of the T8000 include:

Printronix Power Partner - Platinum
We team with Printer Connection Inc (PCI), one of the select Printronix Platinum Power Partners.

Harsh Environments deserve the ‘coolest’ thermal printer in the industry.

As low as -5°C (23°F). Operational temperatures are as low as -5°C (23°F) for direct thermal—otherwise, five °C (41°F) for thermal transfer. The T8000 provides reliable cold printing regardless of heated enclosures.

PostScript/PDF – The FIRST in industrial thermal technology.

With the addition of optional PostScript and PDF printing, the T8000 supports the latest ERP systems. The T8000 operates as Plug-n-Play as a native component with SAP drivers. The T8000 offers optional integrated IPDS and IBM legacy TN5250/TN3270 format printing.

User-friendly – Larger color operator screen and clever Self-help Wizard
Capitalize on a crisp user interface with a 3.4″ hi-res color display panel, advanced setup wizard, graphical icons, and four navigation keys. The QR code library in the wizard helps allow quick access to additional printers.

ODV for verification technology

Printronix Auto ID integrates inline data verification technology into their enterprise thermal printers. Easy to use, The barcode verification technology is easy to use. It reads each barcode as printed, then strikes out any label with rejected barcodes and automatically reprints a new label. Customers can have confidence that each barcoded label they send out is now accurate, readable, and printed at the highest possible quality. The Printronix ODV-2D returns the investment cost quickly by eliminating expensive charge-backs and customer fines on receiving non-conforming labels. Barcode verification technology is available on the T8000 and T6000e thermal printers.

T8000 High-Performance Features: Enterprise Performance – 40% more quality output

The Industry Exclusive Online Data Validator (ODV) on the Printronix T8000, retracts, overprints, and reprints a new error-free label.
  • Print up to 14 inches per second at 203 dpi on a 4-inch model
  • The high-powered controller delivers top performance.
  • The T8000 thermal printer can print up to 14 IPS at 203 dpi – 40% more quality output—extensive flash memory options with up to 1GHz clock speed to process complex labels and large print jobs.
  • Print Quality – Must be ODV™
  • Generate 100% scannable barcodes 100% of the time with the ODV option.
  • Now available with Printronix ODV-2D – Click Here to learn more!
  • To sum up – The speediest, most powerful, reliable, exacting thermal printer on the market today.

T8000 Models Available:

  • 203 DPI models
    • T8204, 4″ model
    • T8206, 6″ model
    • T8208, 8″ model
  • 300 DPI model
    • T8304, 4″ model
    • T8306, 6″ model
    • T8308, 8″ model
  • ODV Online Data Validator available
    • All units listed above
  • Options available
    • Rewinder/Peeler
    • Upward Tear-Off
    • Heavy Duty Cutter and Tray
    • GPIO General Purpose I/O controller
    • Light stack with multiple signal lights
    • Parallel port
    • QCMC Quick Change Memory Cartridge

*Discontinued printer models are occasionally offered refurbished or remanufactured. Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.