PDF Direct Printing with Microplex

Choose PDF Direct Print for Continuous Forms Printers

More Microplex Controller Advantages

We offer a wide range of Microplex printers across several print technologies with PDF Direct Print. This feature allows the user to print PDF® documents directly without opening the document in an application, and no additional driver is required.

PDF is the popular abbreviation for ‘Portable Document Format.’ It functions as a widely used file format within most essential IT backbone environments. Examples include ERP, MES, and WMS. Printing PDF data onto a label traditionally requires a printer driver or custom-built software to convert the data into a graphic, image, or data flow, creating a more protracted process that can harm efficiency across the supply chain.

MicroPlex F140 Laser Printer for Continuous Forms with PDF Direct Print

MicroPlex F140 Laser Printer for Continuous Forms with Direct Print

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PDF Direct Print – No Need to Open in a ‘Reader’ Tool

     Typical applications like PDF® Report Printing or PDF® Label Printing require a high standard of readability and security. Customers address these needs with PDF® Direct Print.

Microplex Solid T8 Thermal Printer with PDF Direct Print

Microplex Solid T8 Thermal Printer – 8-inch width in thermal output with Direct Print

Your advantages with Microplex Direct Print:

  • Compatible with standard ERP systems like SAP® and other software system environments
  • PDF® data remains unchanged
  • Barcodes print in the intended ratio in the resolution of the printer.
  • Allow the printing of encrypted PDF® files.
  • Support of paper handling function which allows the user to give paper handling information individually to each print job
PDF Direct Print with Microplex

PDF Direct Print with Microplex

Add Direct Print into the Production Line

     In addition to the standard applications possible with Microplex, the integration of the printers into production lines and conveyor systems with PDF® Direct Print is also easy to set up. 

Test Your Requirement on Microplex PDF Direct Print

Do you need to print PDF directly on a continuous form laser? Contact us to discuss and arrange to have your test PDF file printed for you on a Microplex!


The printer models listed below use two laser printing technologies, flash fusion, and heat pressure rollers. For more info on the two technologies, click here ›



Printronix L5031

Laserline Models Discontinued*


Variostream 7100

Flash Fusion Models Discontinued*


InfoPrint 4100

InfoPrint 4000

InfoPrint 100

InfoPrint 75

InfoPrint Models Discontinued*

*Discontinued printer models are occasionally offered refurbished or remanufactured. Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.