InfoPrint Continuous Form Laser Printer

Ricoh IBM InfoPrint Continuous Form Laser Printer Models 


Choose GLM Group for options within the mono IBM InfoPrint continuous form laser printer market. These pin-feed laser printers are available only as refurbished and are subject to availability. Service, support, and maintenance options are available. Ask about new printers that can handle your projects as well as or better than your current InfoPrint ›

Very High Volume InfoPrint Printer Models:

InfoPrint continuous form laser

These printers can run with box-fed media, roll-feed input, roll-to-sheet post-print equipment, pin feed, or pinless media. Updated in 2022:Ricoh announced InfoPrint 4100 service withdrawal effective March 31, 2024.

InfoPrint continuous form laser

InfoPrint Printer Models for Standard Box-Fed Operations:

Updated in 2020:The usable life is ending for the remaining units in the field. Ricoh announced the withdrawal of service effective March 31, 2021. The InfoPrint 75 and InfoPrint 100 operated well in label printing operations. Ricoh required pre-testing of media by Ricoh RPPS before acceptance for Ricoh maintenance. Due to label printing characteristics, users were often subject to additional fuser replacement costs.

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Refurbished and New Printers Available

GLM Group offers continuous-form laser printers at affordable prices to fit your volume requirements. Let GLM prepare some comparison price quotes for you. Refurbished InfoPrint printers may or may not be available, there is limited availability.

We do offer many high-quality continuous form laser printers that are great replacements for Ricoh/IBM InfoPrint printers.

PRO TIP: Using multiple units can cost less for service than one big InfoPrint 4100.


The once and mighty IBM Printing Division

IBM was a pioneer in business laser printing beginning in the 1970s with the IBM 3800.

In 2007, IBM released the details of the sale of the IBM Printing Systems Division to Ricoh.

This action created the InfoPrint Solutions Company, a three-year joint venture. In the previous five years, IBM had acquired 60 companies emphasizing software and services. Also, IBM sold off the hard disk drive, display, and the IBM PC businesses. One wishes the next decade would witness significant strategic growth as a stockholder. As stated, one could wish. Ricoh brings the legacy to an end. IBM and Ricoh had enjoyed a long relationship as Seller/OEM of the continuous form lasers. Ricoh had acquired Hitachi’s high-speed printing group, the supplier to IBM Printing. Ricoh found it strategic to own all the vertical build/sell/maintain/control layers. ‘Production Printers’ is how IBM identified the continuous form lasers in the product line. The InfoPrint ‘cut-sheet printers’ were versions of Ricoh copiers.

From a review of the Ricoh website, all Ricoh now sells are continuous-form color inkjet CF models.

Ricoh has withdrawn all mono InfoPrint CF laser printers.

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The printer models listed below use two laser printing technologies, flash fusion, and heat pressure rollers. For more info on the two technologies, click here ›



Printronix L5031

Laserline Models Discontinued*


Variostream 7100

Flash Fusion Models Discontinued*


InfoPrint 4100

InfoPrint 4000

InfoPrint 100

InfoPrint 75

InfoPrint Models Discontinued*

*Discontinued printer models are occasionally offered refurbished or remanufactured. Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.