Printronix P5000 End of Support


Upgrade from P5000 and IBM 6400 to the new Printronix’s P8000 family of Line Matrix printers

In August 2013 Printronix Announced End of Support for the Line Matrix P5 Series


What does end of support mean to our customers?

  • ( … and all these points are also true for the IBM 6400, built by Printronix)
  • No more PARTS or TECH SUPPORT from Printronix
  • No more FIRMWARE / SOFTWARE upgrades from Printronix
  • No renewal P5000 REPAIR MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS (or on the IBM 6400) from Printronix (unless actively working on an upgrade with reseller and vendor)
  •        Update, October 2016: One customer in the Northeast US just told us that they have a Printronix Service Contract on their IBM 6400 units, and it took the Printronix Service folks over a week to find the part, get on site and repair the printer.
  • No more Factory Exchanged Print Shuttle Mechanisms – $$$$
  • Increase in downtime risk when operating the P5000

Mobile Users: 817-939-5614

Immediate and Higher Prices from Printronix After Announcement

  • +6% on P5000 spool ribbon consumables
  • +7% on IBM and Lexmark branded spool ribbon consumables
  • +6% on TG 6200, TG6300 and legacy ribbon consumables
  • +10% on P5000, P7000 and IBM 6400, 6500 spares
  • +/- 0% on P8000 unique spares
  • +10% on ALL Advance Exchange/Repair/Spare parts

Why are IBM 6400 customers affected by this end of support announcement ?

  • ALL OF THE IBM 6400 units were built by Printronix
  • ALL new IBM 6400 factory repair parts and the Printronix Shuttle Exchange Program will be gone
  • RPPS maintenance service will suffer.

Repairs from now on will have to use pulled parts inventory from used machines, and MTBF Mean Time Between Failure will now suffer.  RPPS will still write a contract, as they will on these ancient IBM machines – 3211, 3262, 6262, 6252, 5262, 4245, but new parts have not been manufactured (some for decades), they are replacing old broken parts with old seems-good parts with no idea how long those may work until another failure.

The good news?

We have great replacement options for you with your Printronix P5000 or IBM 6400 line printers. Fill out our Contact Us Form.  Let us help you analyze your current and future print needs (even considering your other printers that may not be going “end of support”).

Click Here to check out the Printronix P8000.

In addition to sending you information on new Printronix P8000 line printer options, we will contact you to discuss your company and application objectives and the printer product plan that will work best for your business.

Impact printers, line/line matrix printers, dot matrix printers, and serial matrix printers.

*Discontinued printer models are occasionally offered refurbished or remanufactured. Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.