Océ VarioStream 7100 Replacement Alternatives

The end of Océ VarioStream 7100 flash-fusion printers.

This information on the Océ VarioStream 7100 family is not provided or sponsored by Océ or Canon. We respect both Océ and Canon as printer providers and competitors.

Oce VarioStream VS 7110 VS 7170, members of the Océ VarioStream 7100 family
Oce VarioStream VS7120, a member of the Océ VarioStream 7100 family

The end is here. “Curtains” for the Océ 40 to 60 feet-per-second flash-fusion toner-based continuous feed printers. Océ ended all sales of the Océ VarioStream 7100 products. The VS7100 printer models VS7120 and VS7160 met the end of support in 2019. Also announced to Océ VarioStream 7100 customers was the 2021 end of support for all remaining units. Farewell to the VS7100 printer models VS7110 and VS7170.

Some great customer organizations needed a replacement for these printers. We have answers for this group of customers in the 40 to 60-foot-per-minute laser marketplace.


Océ VarioStream 7100 Models VS7120 / VS7160, VS7110 / VS7110 Replacement

Key points to consider for your mission-critical high-volume choice:

Legacy provider of flash-fusion printing. Easy paths to your IPDS solution assurance. Reliable service and support. Affordable consumables. Low power and cooling specs. Reliable US-based parts,  supplies, and support.

Vital and current providers of continuous forms laser printers –


SATO Flash Fusing Laser

The SATO LP 100R is the latest within a thirty-year legacy of continuous-form tractor-fed flash fusion laser printers. The same frame and looks appeared in the product lineup in 2001. Constant improvements led to the announcement of the SATO LP 100R unit in 2009.

MICROPLEX Flash Fusing Laser

The Microplex F140 is the fastest continuous forms and flash fusion laser printer on the market today. The Microplex F40 is the lowest-cost CF Laser offered in the market today. Microplex has a long history of providing CF Lasers to US customers. Find the broadest selection of product offerings, all available with IPDS, by contacting GLM Group and asking about Microplex printers.

The easy path to your IPDS solution assurance

GLM Group can guide IPDS users through transitioning to new hardware and software emulations to provide robust and reliable printing for your printing requirements. Implemented with a ‘middleware’ server or hardware device, these solutions deliver IPDS to the user with an elegant and easy-to-use solution. This allows the current customer’s IPDS data stream to run unchanged on the printer that fits your production workload and print window. If print volumes have decreased, select from a range of medium-volume printers. Look to GLM to help you seamlessly implement a new IPDS production environment.

MicroPlex F140 Laser Printer for Continuous Forms
MicroPlex F140 Laser Printer for Continuous Forms

Strong service and support

The focus of Printer Connection is on customer uptime and satisfaction. Working with our vendor’s service contracts, we offer on-site service contracts with trained service technicians. Coupled with comprehensive telephone support for its install base, PCI helps to deliver unparalleled service.

Low power and cooling specs

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

The beauty of flash fusion is the low power requirements and low heat generation in the printing center. Rather than using heat and pressure for fusing, customers can lessen environmental impact and budget costs by using flash fusion print engines.

Impressive install base

The retail industry relies on distribution center labels and retail store shelf management. Many large clients rely on flash fusion laser technology for these very reasons. Managing a counter-full or a big shelf of small thermal label printers is not time and cost-efficient, as is continuous forms lasers.

Reliable parts and supplies inventory


Our CF Laser vendors understand that support is critical for these critical customers. The demands of a just-in-time supply chain do not allow time to wait on the delivery of Oce 7100 parts from Germany. Microplex and SATO maintain a supply of ready-to-go laser consumables and repair parts strategically positioned in the Midwest US. Shipping is easy for locations across the US lower 48 states.

Choose GLM Group, and Choose CF Lasers for your production needs.

GLM Group and Warren Neeley have over a decade of experience assisting customers in transitioning from their previous printing systems into their upgraded environment.

Contact us to understand how you can transition from your current Océ flash fusing print to a reliable, affordable print solution through GLM.

Note:  Océ, a Canon Company, and Canon are trademarks of Canon.

The printer models listed below use two laser printing technologies, flash fusion, and heat pressure rollers. For more info on the two technologies, click here ›



Printronix L5031

Laserline Models Discontinued*


Variostream 7100

Flash Fusion Models Discontinued*


InfoPrint 4100

InfoPrint 4000

InfoPrint 100

InfoPrint 75

InfoPrint Models Discontinued*

*Discontinued printer models are occasionally offered refurbished or remanufactured. Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.