Microplex F44 Laser Printers

The F44 Shines as a Compact Continuous Laser

MicroPlex F44

The MicroPlex F44 offers sharp output while delivering an affordable and continuous laser printer. The SOLID F44 supports media widths up to 12 inches wide and medium volumes per month.


  • Microplex F32
  • Microplex F24
  • Printronix L7032

Your choice for tabletop laser label printing.

Microplex Solid F44 Continuous Form Printer Highlights:

  • SPEED: 44 PPM 
  • RESOLUTION: 600 dpi
  • DUTY CYCLE: 50,000 pages/month, Letter Landscape

The Microplex F44 is a microplex continuous-form printer that offers a small friendly footprint. Versatile and reliable form capabilities are a strength of the pin-fed tractor assembly and the Intelligent Paper Stacker.

Microplex Solid F44 Features:

Print Intelligent Mail Barcodes
Print Shipping & Mailing Barcodes
  • USPS MERLIN & Intelligent Mail® Barcode compliant
  • Performance: Prints up to 44 pages per minute (Landscape, Rotated Letter) and 34 pages per minute (Letter format, 11-inch length)
  • Monthly duty cycle: 50,000 pages/month (Letter format)
  • 600 x 600 dots per inch print resolution
  • Compact design to fit in limited floor space
  • Up to 12-inch wide media with an 11-inch print width
  • User-friendly, easy to set, and easy to operate
  • Tear-off edge for separating printed form sets

Print Direct to PDF- MicroPlex

Download the PDF Specifications Sheet:


When You Need to Print Checks with Magnetic Ink Character Recognition, Choose the MICR F44 Model

The Microplex F44 can handle media widths of up to 12 inches wide. It fits nicely into network-based environments. The Microplex SOLID F44 is an excellent microplex printer for anything from distribution and logistics to manufacturing. It is shown here with an optional Intelligent Power Stacker.

Applications :

  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Labels or Documents
  • Banking
  • Mailing
  • Insurance
  • Fulfillment Services
  • Health Services
  • Continuous Well Log Output

Optional Features and Specifications :

  • iPS – Intelligent Paper Stacker F44: Assures accurate stacking of forms up to 2,000 pages, without operator involvement
  • Dimensions: iPS F44: 19.9” (506mm) x 28.3 (720mm) x 43.8” (1,113mm) (W x H x D)
  • F44 Printer with iPS F44: 21.2” (540) x 47.6” (1,208) x 44.0” (1,118 mm) (W x H x D)
  • Weight: iPS F44: 94.8 lbs (43 kg) F44 Printer and iPS F44: 183 lbs (83 kg)

Solid F44
MicroPlex Printers

MicroPlex is offered through GLM’s authorized affiliation with Printer Connection, Inc.,  a long-time distributor of MicroPlex products. Many customers have inquired through our GLM website and acquired MicroPlex from GLM’s sales relationship with PCI.

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