Printronix P8220 Cabinet for High Speed Line Printing


Printronix P8220 Cabinet / P8C20. Print Up to 2000 lines per minute. The Printronix P8220 is the fastest line printer in the Printronix P8000 family

Printronix P8220 Cabinet Line Printer Highlights:Printronix P8220 Cabinet

Model: Printronix P8220 or P8C20
Order number: P8C20-1111-0
Ribbon 4-pack: 255049-102 or 255048-402

Up to 2000 lines per minute
The Printronix P8220 is the fastest line printer in the Printronix P8000 family. While built into a sound-suppressed (55 dBA) quiet cabinet style for high speed and quiet operations, this printer is the most popular model for those companies with serious amounts of mission-critical printing.

This printer can process a box of single part paper in around 30 minutes – or significantly less. When the P8220 looks ahead and senses a lot of space with no print required, it leaps to the next line to print. This ability to jump is called a paper feed or “slew”; in fact, the paper moves up to 39 inches per second! If the customer output has few print lines, it can empty a box of paper in a few minutes.

The Printronix P8200 Quiet Cabinet models are well-suited for normal office operations and in noise-adverse areas. This P8C20 provides the operator with a wide choice of paper-handling options.

Printronix P8220 Cabinet Features:

Mission-Critical Performance
Rely on Printronix line printers + PCI maintenance service plans
The P8220 is counted on to produce the highest volume possible in an impact printer. When your company relies on your output for its operation, plan on a great maintenance plan to match the mission-critical nature of the printer. Your print operation should benefit from a maintenance service plan coupled with preventative cleaning.

Your Backup Strategy? Hot Spare in Place?
If the output is critical, then take a critical look at your backup plan. If your printer cannot be down even for a few hours without hurting your business, then you need an additional printer. Ask about an affordable Hot Spare program. Don’t be at a standstill until the Service Tech arrives.

Impact printers, line/line matrix printers, dot matrix printers, and serial matrix printers.

*Discontinued printer models are occasionally offered refurbished or remanufactured. Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.