Microplex F90HD Continuous Form Printer

The Microplex F90HD is a remarkable improvement in continuous forms flash fusion printing. We can wrap the maintenance and printer together in a lease, and you can have a low operating budget expense. Other customers choose to buy it outright and write the entire amount off under current tax laws*. Either way, the SOLID F90HD is a fine printing value.

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These Microplex printers directly replace the older Microplex F60, InfoPrint 75 / InfoPrint 100, or Oce flash fusion printers. Ask us about the trade-in value for your old unit.

The new aggressive Microplex F90 pricing model allows us to suggest that you skip over the Microplex F60HD, as it has the same service pricing as Microplex.

MicroPlex F90HD
Sharp 600 DPI text and images are now available on the new SOLID F90HD.

Solid Highlights

SPEED: 90 IPM, two-up, 59 IPM, one-up Landscape Letter
DUTY CYCLE: 650,000 pages/month

Choose the latest in the SOLID lineup – the Microplex F90HD in 600 DPI HD

SOLID_F90 – Spec Sheet

The versatility of the Solid F90HD


Building on the success of the print mechanism in the original SOLID F60 and F60HD, the Microplex SOLID F90HD Laser printer features Flash Fusion technology. This new mid-range production laser printer with wide format printing allows an 18″ width media and 17″ print width. This product can print on various specialty media or print server due to the lower temperature fusing technology.

The is a reliable continuous-form laser printer for the batch production of mail operations, pressure-sensitive labels, tags, high-tack adhesives, and various other specialty forms.

F140 SOLID Flash Fusion
Continuous forms flash fusion printing

Microplex Solid F90HD Features:

3,000 Lines per Minute @ 6 LPI
USPS MERLIN™& Intelligent Mail® Barcode Compliant
Automated Powered Stacker as standard equipment

Print Speed:

90 pages per minute (two-up of 8.5″x11″)
59 pages per minute (11″ x 8.5″ long, page format)
45 pages per minute (14 7/8″ wide x 11″ page format)
3000 lines per minute @6 lines per inch

Xenon Flash Fusion: for versatile media, print capabilities
Print Resolution: 600×600 dots per inch, switchable to 300 x 300 dots per inch
Standard Emulations include: PCL5e, PTX IGP, Tally MT6xx, PTX Line Printer + Epson FX, IBM ProPrinter
Paper Handling: Continuous tractor-feed media, up to 18″ wide
Footprint: 30.7″ (W) x 51.9″ (H) x 35″ (D); with Stacker, 52.7″ (D)
Paper Path: Straight-through engine for worry-free form handling

* Consult your CPA and lawyers for tax guidance.

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Microplex is offered through GLM’s authorized affiliation with Printer Connection, Inc., which is a long-time distributor of Microplex products. Many customers have inquired through our GLM website and acquired Microplex from GLM’s sales relationship with PCI.

The printer models listed below use two laser printing technologies, flash fusion, and heat pressure rollers. For more info on the two technologies, click here ›



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*Discontinued printer models are occasionally offered refurbished or remanufactured. Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.