Printronix S828 Dot Matrix Printer

Printronix S828 Dot Matrix Printer

Choose the highly rugged, IBM-system-ready desktop print solution. The Printronix S828 handles the duty in the most demanding office & industrial environments. Users of the InfoPrint 4247 dot matrix get a superb compatible printer. GET A QUICK QUOTE.

  • Extremely rugged metal construction enclosure ready for heavy-duty workloads
  • Leads its class in lowest noise level at 54dBA and print life of 800M characters
  • Hearty 6-pin tractors deliver outstanding form feed reliability on up to 8-part forms.
  • Capable of 18-pin emulations used by once-popular IBM 4247 & Genicom printers
  • Connectivity for parallel, serial, USB & Ethernet
  • Authentic IBM IPDS print language is optional

The Highly Rugged Printronix S828

The S828 establishes a new market standard for the tops in uncompromising desktop reliability. Building on the industrial tradition of Printronix line and thermal printers, the S828 delivers outstanding uptime, a low total cost of operation and ownership, and reliable operation across a wide range of environments. Operators benefit from heavy-duty 6-pin tractors for optimal forms feeding reliability and industry-leading long-life printhead. Easily the most defining and recognizable feature of the Printronix S828 is the highly rugged steel construction, built to outperform and outlast any other printer in this category. It is one solid dot matrix printer!


The Quiet Printronix S828

With only 54dBa, the Printronix S828 delivers best-in-class acoustics for the environment, around 50% quieter than competitors. The S828 is a serial dot matrix printer unrivaled in noise reduction.

Compatibility for Plug and Play Performance

Choose a printer with the ability to automate and customize the forms handling tasks fully. The operator may maximize their work process by eliminating button pressing and speeding up the retrieval of documents. For more complex enterprise environments, the Printronix S828 includes a powerful printer management utility for remote units. Customers can provide their IT teammates with real-time status updates, configure multiple printers remotely, and benefit from a fully functional virtual operator panel. The S828 also supports a second form feed path in the front of the printer.

Authentic IBM IPDS on the Printronix S828

For IBM environments, the Printronix S828 offers authentic IBM IPDS for outstanding compatibility. Along with its standard Ethernet, USB, Parallel, and Serial, the S828 supports ANSI 3.64 and the 18-pin emulations used by older IBM 4247, InfoPrint 4247, and various Genicom printers. These features allow plug-and-play compatibility with no driver or user application alterations.


Listed beneath this video was this note in Italian:  “Questa è una mia vecchia amica, una simpatica stampante italiana a matrice seriale. Nel 2002 ero l’unico ingegnere IBM a lavorare con Compuprint per portare questa stampante sul mercato come IBM 4247-V03. Nel 2004 abbiamo introdotto la prima LAN Ethernet AFP-IPDS completamente integrata. Nel 2008, e dopo che IBM Printing Systems è stata venduta a Ricoh, abbiamo rilanciato la stessa stampante del 4247-Z03. Le tecnologie elettroniche di questa stampante sono state rinnovate un paio di volte nel corso degli anni, ma fondamentalmente è la stessa bestia che era stata sviluppata da Compuprint 18 anni fa. Lunga vita alla stampante Serial Impact!”

With the assistance of Google Translate, in English, it reads with this nice sentiment —

This is an old friend of mine, a nice Italian serial matrix printer. 
In 2002 I was the only IBM engineer working with Compuprint to bring this printer to market as the IBM 4247-V03. 
In 2004, we introduced the first fully integrated AFP-IPDS Ethernet LAN. 
In 2008, and after IBM Printing Systems was sold to Ricoh, we relaunched the same printer as the 4247-Z03. 
This printer's electronic technologies have been revamped a couple of times over the years,
but it's basically the same beast that was developed by Compuprint 18 years ago. 
Long live the Serial Impact printer!

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