IBM 6400 High Speed Maintenance Service Issues

If you still use an IBM 6400 in 1500 LPM or other speeds – IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO CHANGE!

IBM 6400 Print Shuttles.

High Speed IBM 6400 Line Printer
IBM 6400
The IBM 6400 shuttle re-manufacturing service is no longer available.
The shuttles were once-upon-a-time wholly rebuilt and re-manufactured by Printronix.
Replacing a shuttle is now a lower-quality move.
Shuttles are no longer re-manufactured by the OEM.

New Ribbon Masks and Ribbon Hubs for IBM 6400.

These are no longer available.
There is a fast-dwindling supply of acceptable used ones.
Without reliable ribbon masks, the units are unusable.

IBM 6400 New Repair Parts.

No longer available.
Used “pulled parts” are all that are available.
Neither Ricoh nor their outsourcing service partner Fuji has new parts.

Circuit Boards for the IBM 6400.

Old, getting older and dying in service.
Reliable boards are no longer available.
Components such as the CMX Board are dying in the installed printers. A simple irreplaceable battery dies; the only service choice is to choose a replacement old used board. How long does that old board with its old battery last? Most of these boards are over 15 years old; many are 20 years old or older. It is your gamble on how long the replacement will last.
No more IBM 6400 printers have been built and sold new since SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO. Printronix also announced the P7000 family in 2005, and then the P8000. After the P8000 announcement, Printronix dropped support for the 6400 and Printronix P5000. Over time, the repair parts pool has suffered for the older ‘white’ printer units. Time and age have caught up with the ability of service organizations to keep you running.

Replace now: IBM 6400-015 and other IBM 6400 units.

High Speed Printronix P8220
Printronix P8000
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