InfoPrint 6500 Line Printers

Get-Quick-QuoteIBM InfoPrint 6500 Line Printers For Mission-Critical Operations.

InfoPrint 6500 came in SPOOL and CARTRIDGE ribbon models. (Click Here to Buy 6500 Ribbons). The InfoPrint 6500 helps you keep up with the demands of back-office or industrial printing applications. *Note that the 6500 is no longer in new production.

Do you require the IBM InfoPrint 6500 because it is on the vendor ‘Approved List,’ or do you have IPDS needs or restrictions from your software vendor technical support staff? We understand. We are ready to help you with expertly refurbished units.

Review the 6500-V Line Matrix Printers User’s Manual Cabinet and Pedestal Models, manual number S550-1002-01, by clicking here. InfoPrint 6500-V Line Matrix User’s Manual 55010021

InfoPrint 6500InfoPrint 6500 Printer Models –

Click on the models in bold blue for further info on Quiet Cabinet or Pedestal models

  • 500 LPM Line Printer – 6500-v05, v5P
  • 1,000 LPM Line Printer – 6500-v10, v1P

Cabinet style only:

  • 1,500 LPM Line Printer – 6500-v15
  • 2,000 LPM Line Printer  – 6500-v20

Review the PDF Fact Sheet: 6500 “v” MODELS

Highly Reliable Line Matrix Printers

GLM Group can provide industrial printers for your rugged manufacturing, distribution, retail, and transportation environments. Purpose-built to excel in harsh and demanding conditions. If trucks don’t roll — Heads Do !!!  – a customer quote. If your business depends on on-time printouts from your printers, these line printers can be relied upon for your day-to-day operations.

IBM InfoPrint 6500 Printer Cabinet Models

6500 Model Print SpeedSound Level (dBA) Enclosure Type
 V05 500 50 Quiet Cabinet
 V10 1000 50  Quiet Cabinet
 V15 1500 52  Quiet Cabinet
 V20 2000 55  Quiet Cabinet

IBM InfoPrint 6500 Printer Pedestal Models

 ModelPrint SpeedSound Level (dBA) Enclosure Type
 V5P 500 62 Pedestal
 V1P 1000 65 Pedestal

IBM InfoPrint 6500 Line Printers

The 6500 printers attach to many IBM (mainframe, iSeries/AS400, AIX, WIN-based xSeries) and other systems.

The 6500 Models v5P, v05, v1P, v10, v15, and v20 offer:

  • Print speeds up to 2,000 lines per minute
  • High-function operator interface
  • Ultra Capacity 50 M character ribbon
  • New cabinet and pedestal designs
  • Intelligent ribbon system
  • Proactive printer monitoring with the IBM Printer Management Utility (PMU) improved processing.
  • Improved product structure
  • Attachment via wireless Ethernet, LAN Ethernet, ASCII, coax, or Twinax interfaces

Impact printers, line/line matrix printers, dot matrix printers, and serial matrix printers.

*Discontinued printer models are occasionally offered refurbished or remanufactured. Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.