Cheshire Labels on Continuous Form Laser Printers

How to Print Cheshire Labels with Continuous Form Lasers for Better Quality

Microplex F40 laser for Cheshire Labels
Most affordable in the marketplace; Microplex F40, 40 ppm on 8.5″-tall pages for Cheshire Labels

You may be printing Cheshire Labels and customer documents on your trusty old impact printer. You haven’t given it much thought for a long time. It’s been producing POSTNET barcodes just fine. You may have upgraded to a line printer that works with IMB® Intelligent Mail® barcodes.

Print Cheshire Labels faster at a higher quality

New MicroPlex IMB-Capable Laser Printers

Microplex F34
Microplex F34 for Cheshire Labels

Are you thinking of moving to LASER for producing IMB Intelligent Mail Cheshire Labels output?

We can help. We suggest the review of the MicroPlex Solid F34 and Solid F40.

Get a quote and a discussion today on your impact printer and possible transition to the continuous laser.

Two Methods of Addressing

There are two primary methods of addressing mail in the direct mail trade – direct inkjet and non-direct Cheshire. The older method, Cheshire labeling, involves printing standard-size labels on plain paper or label stock with pressure-sensitive adhesive and then applying them to mailing pieces. In the basic paper process, a Cheshire machine cuts the individual labels from the sheet, applies glue to the back of each, and affixes the label to the mail piece. Alternatively, Cheshire machines attach a ‘PSL’ label, which can be removed and applied to a document once received by the addressee. This method is often known as a “piggyback” label.

Benefits of Laser Printing vs Line Printers

Continuous laser printers allow line printer users to upgrade and enjoy:

  • 600 dots-per-inch laser output for professional quality
  • Printing at rated speed, rather than the degradation of speed seen with line printers when adjusting for higher quality and mixed-case characters
  • Improved output stack handling
  • PDF Direct Print

Move to Laser

Let’s get the conversation going. How can Printer Connection and Microplex printers help your organization improve the quality and speed of your Cheshire Label operation? Click for a quote to start.

From the USPS website:
“Intelligent Mail® products and services use machine-readable codes, such as barcodes, to uniquely identify mail. This enables large mailers to follow the progress of their mail through the many stages of processing all the way to delivery. This information can help businesses better manage their resources, reduce operating and marketing expenses, adapt to market conditions, increase efficiencies, and be more responsive to customers. “

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Confirm®, DMM®, First-Class Mail®, Intelligent Mail®, OneCode Vision®, OneCode ACS™, OneCode Confirm™. OneCode Solution™, PLANET® Barcode, PLANET Code®, Postal Service™, POSTNET™, Standard Mail®, United States Postal Service®, U.S. Postal Service™, USPS®, ZIP+4® Code, and ZIP Code™.

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