Printronix P7215 Line Matrix Printer – Replace Printronix P5000


Printronix P7215

The Printronix P7215 is available with cartridge ribbon or spool ribbon. 1500 LPM lines per minute printer. Refurbished by the experts at PCI.

The Printronix P7215 is a GREAT PATH to UPGRADE your MISSION-CRITICAL Performance Line Printers.  Choose this reliable Printronix Cabinet Line Printer for high volume printing.

Act now!  Get off those old IBM 6400-015 and Printronix P5215 units.  No new replacement parts are available for old P5000 and 6400 units.

The rock solid Printronix P7215 performs!  Distribution general managers and top food manufacturing firms count on its reliability.  You can find it as well in financial institutions across the country. The P7215 along with PCI Maintenance is a great upgrade for mission-critical jobs.

Post-sale technical support is available on ALL line printers.

P7000 Series Product BrochuresSpool Ribbon  –  Cartridge Ribbon

Printronix P7215 Line Printers – Key features:

Rugged – Especially strong in harsh environments

Wide-Page Printing – Including forms all the way up to 17″ wide

Office or Warehouse Use – Quietly reliable print with low-decibel levels

Handles Specialized Forms – Multi-up, multi-part and including heavy stock

Unattended High-Speed Printing – Fan-fold forms and labels together with automatic stacking

Printronix P7215 Line Printers – Replacement for these Printronix and IBM Printers:

  • Replacement for IBM 6400-015 and IBM 6400-i15
  • Replacement for Printronix P5215

Output Darkness

By default in the Printronix P7215, the standard system configuration will meet most user requirements. Some applications need the output remaining darker than the standard setting. Other applications are less critical and could tolerate a lighter final image. The system is easy to adjust to this variability. A setting under the Printer Control menu is available that allows the user to adjust the final output. The range is as follows: Normal (Default); Darker +1 through +6; and Lighter -1 through -10. The ribbon life indicator always counts down from 100% to 0%. Use a darker setting, and zero is reached sooner. Use a lighter setting and the system will extend the amount of printing it takes to reach zero.

Impact printers, line/line matrix printers, dot matrix printers, and serial matrix printers.

*Discontinued printer models are occasionally offered refurbished or remanufactured. Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.