Microplex F40 Continuous Form Laser Printer with Flash Fusion – The SOLID F40 from Microplex

The Microplex F40 laser continuous feed printer is the newest Microplex SOLID laser. It performs at up to 40 PPM or pages per minute in landscape letter style of 8.5″ tall pages. That equals 2000 lines per minute with 600 DPI or dots per inch high-quality report printing.

MicroPlex F40

MicroPlex F40 Laser Printer Specifications

Technology:  LED, OPC, Xenon-flash lamp

Speed:  Up to 40 pages/minute on 8.5-inch tall form; 2000 LPM on six lines/inch

Resolution:  Max of 600 x 600 DPI

Monthly Volume:  Up to 300,000 pages

Power:  230 V, 60/50 Hz

Dimensions, WxDxH:  31.7 x 33.5 x 49.2 inches

Weight:  604 pounds

Compare the Microplex SOLID F40 Laser Printer vs Line Printers

Microplex F40 - Straight Paper Path
Straight Paper Path

Impact Line Printers are often rated with their high-speed draft mode. The “1500 LPM” Printronix or IBM line printer print speed is 1125 LPM in DP data processing print mode. It falls to 600 LPM in Near Letter Quality print (if printing ALL CAPITAL LETTERS). It slows even more to 459 LPM when printing ‘Mixed Cases’ — Capital and lowercase characters.

With The Solid F40 Laser Printer, You’re Able to Print 4 Times Faster at 600 DPI

Microplex F40 laser printers are four times the speed of a 1500 lpm line printer with excellent 600 DPI clarity. Customers hanging on to the old IBM 6262 can now upgrade.

The Microplex SOLID F40 has performed very well as an IBM 6262 replacement, giving that ‘fully formed character’ quality at 600 dpi.

The F40 Continuous Feed Laser Printer Price

With a list price under $25,000, the Microplex F40 is a great entry point to flash fusing printing. It prints on continuous labels, tags, forms, and media such as PE and PVC. It performs address printing and Cheshire Labels with USPS IMb with an affordable laser.

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The F40 Low Price Makes it a Great Backup Industrial Laser Printer

The low price of the Microplex SOLID F40 gives the customer a lot of site flexibility. The F40 is a great backup machine for a higher-speed Microplex like the F90 or F140. Current users appreciate that the Microplex Controller is the same across the product line. Some customers like to buy two of the same unit and split or alternate the workload. With the Microplex F40, the initial investment is much lower.


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