Tally DASCOM Dot Matrix Printers

High Volume Dot Matrix Printers from Tally DASCOM

The Tally DASCOM design delivers peak performance. Enjoy exceptional print speeds, throughput, and workload capability. This printer thrives in demanding environments.
Dual friction paper handling.
Forms are easy to feed and print with this Tally DASCOM printer. A metal tear bar limits the chance of wasted form documents.
Designed for automated operation.
Minimal user intervention is needed. Menu settings are saved via the USB host interface or new firmware for easy uploading.
Operations ease with the printer information.
The backlit display means all information is easy to read. The browser-based Tally DASCOM Web Panel is available for network management.
The Tally DASCOM 2820 and Tally DASCOM 2810 have great connections.
An Ethernet interface with IPv6 support and a USB interface as standard. Upgrade the printer with serial/parallel or a coax interface if needed. It is flexible and easy to integrate into many systems.
Tally DASCOM dot matrix printers

Medium Volume Dot Matrix Printers

Enjoy a high-featured, reliable, stylish machine. Performance, workload, and ergonomics are excellent—reliability is significantly competitive.
Front-fed continuous and cut forms; narrow as 3″ and up to 11″-wide printing. 80 columns.
Quick and easy loading. An excellent straight paper path for the forms. Results in reliable paper transportation, even on 6-part stock. Loading paper is more accessible than on competitors. To access rear-located tractors, the operator does not have to fumble over, around, or under the printer.
Minimal user intervention.
A suite of features is designed to ensure the products run at a high level of reliability and performance.
At home in the computer room or the office.
An unobtrusive 52 dbA acoustic rating. A printer that is half as quiet when compared with many competitive models.
Intelligent Mail Barcode capability.
Be sure your printer has this critical feature—the US Postal Service new bar code standard. Take advantage of the best rates available.
Tally DASCOM 2610 plus.
Enjoy all the features of the 2600 plus with a Wide-Carriage printer at a value price. Print on up to 16.5″ paper for 132 columns. Both flexible and built for the daily grind. A host of connectivity options. Standard choices of either Ethernet, Parallel, or USB. It’s good-looking, too! With print speeds up to around 700 characters per second and a rated workload of 20,000 pages. Pick the Tally DASCOM 2610 plus for a lot of printer for the price.

Tally DASCOM 1140

The Tally DASCOM 1140 is among the lowest-priced matrix printers available today at under $400. This model offers a long-life ribbon giving this printer very low running costs. The Tally DASCOM 1140, is a 9 pin, 80 column serial dot matrix printer with a USB interface as standard. It is a very lightweight, low-volume, and low-cost option for small businesses, listings, and reports, as well as dispatch notes and labels.
Tally DASCOM dot matrix printers

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*Discontinued printer models are occasionally offered refurbished or remanufactured. Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.