Continuous Form Printing: Labels, Supplies, & Service


For the convenience of customers and prospects, Printer Connection now offers Industrial Printer Supplies. On this website, locate your specific printer ribbon needed:   INDUSTRIAL PRINTER SUPPLIES.

  • LINE PRINTERS:  Printronix Line Printers;  IBM 6400 and InfoPrint 6500; TallyGenicom Current Line Printers;  TallyGenicom Legacy Line Printers: Tally T6200 and Tally T6300
  • SERIAL DOT MATRIX PRINTERS: Tally DASCOM Serial Dot Matrix 2810/2820, 2365/2380
  • The IBM 4247 DOT MATRIX LEGACY:  IBM InfoPrint 4247-Z03 and -X03;  Compuprint 4247-Z03 and -X03;  Printronix S828 and S809
  • CF CONTINUOUS FORM LASER PRINTERS:  Laser Printer Supplies for Printronix L7032 and Microplex F32
  • Small Dot Matrix Printer: a page for the quick CC purchase of the Tally DASCOM 2600+ or 2610+


We also offer printer labels and other media for your use, either pre-printed or for your on-demand printing.

Buy OEM Printronix and TallyGenicom Printer Ribbon

OEM Printronix Ribbons provide improved dependability, productivity, and environmental benefits. OEM Printronix ribbon cartridges are certified to be free from deficiencies in material and quality and to mechanically perform out of the package and placed within the printer. Printronix line matrix ribbons are ‘greener’ than serial or laser printer ribbons and can print on your media, paper, and form with a higher ratio of recycled content.

Cartridge ribbons are significantly improved compared to the previous spool generation of Printronix line matrix printer ribbons. The advanced cartridge ribbon provides longer life and a better, more consistent performance in print quality. The cartridge is easier and cleaner to use, and it does not require specific training or user skills that add labor expense. Compared to workgroup laser implementation, the line matrix offers far better environmental advantages by producing less waste.