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  • Microplex F140 Continuous Form Laser Printer

    Microplex F140

    Two-up 600 DPI printing, up to 18″ forms; 140 PPM in 2-up mode. The quicker big brother to the wide Microplex F90HD. Read more ›

  • Micoplex F90HD continuous form laser printer

    Microplex F90HD

    The Microplex F90HD is a remarkable improvement in continuous forms flash fusion printing. Read more ›

  • Microplex F60HD continuous form laser printer

    Microplex F60HD

    SPEED: 59 IPM. RESOLUTION: 600 dpi. DUTY CYCLE: 650,000 pages/month. Read more ›

  • Microplex F64 CF Laser Printers

    Microplex F64

    The MicroPlex F64 is a versatile, easy-to-use continuous form laser printer. Prints up to 64 PPM in 2-up mode. Read more ›

  • MicroPlex SOLID F40

    Microplex F40

    The Microplex F40 continuous form laser printer is the newest Microplex SOLID laser. It performs at up to 40 PPM or pages per minute in landscape letter style of 8.5″ tall pages. Read more ›

  • Microplex F34 - Continuous Form Printer

    Microplex F34

    SPEED: 33 PPM. RESOLUTION: 600 dpi. DUTY CYCLE: 200,000 pages/month, Letter Landscape. Read more ›

  • printronix-L5031-replacement-lp100r

    SATO LP 100R

    SATO LP 100R laser for fan-fold labels and transaction documents. prints up to 100 PPM pages per minute on 2-Up letter pages. 65 PPM pages per minute on an 8.5-inch tall form. Read more ›

  • Oce VarioStream - 7110

    Oce Variostream 7100

    Océ VarioStream 7100 Replacement Alternatives. The VS7120 and VS7160 met the end of support in 2019. Also announced to Océ VarioStream 7100 customers was the 2021 end of support for all remaining units. Read more ›

  • Ricoh Infoprint 4100

    Infoprint 4100

    Print speeds (up to) 1440 IPM. The greatest print width of 19.0″ (482 mm). Industry-leading 600-DPI image quality. Read more ›

  • Infoprint 4000 Continuous Form Laser Printer

    Infoprint 4000

    A sheet-fed or roll-fed wide web laser printer – the InfoPrint 4000 laser. Print speeds (up to) 1002 IPM. The maximum print width of 17″. Image quality from 240-600 DPI. Rea›d more ›

  • Infoprint 100 - High speed laser printer

    Infoprint 100

    Pin-feed form, 100 PPM laser printer. Service contracts stopped on March 31, 2021. Find out about service or replacement options ›

  • Infoprint 75 - Production printer

    Infoprint 75

    Prints up to 75 pages per minute in Landscape Letter format. Pin-feed forms provide the document sequence integrity of continuous forms printing. Was backed by Ricoh service techs until March 31, 2021. Read more ›

  • Cheshire - Continuous Form Label Printing

    Cheshire Label printing

    Cheshire labeling: Printing standard-size labels with pressure-sensitive adhesive and applying to mailing pieces. Read about high-speed laser printing options ›

  • Print Direct to PDF- MicroPlex

    Print Direct to PDF

    Print PDF® documents directly without opening the document in an application. No additional driver is required. Read more ›

  • Printronix P8000 - impact tractor feed - line printer

    Printronix P8000

    The Printronix P8000 Cartridge Printer series  builds upon the workhorse tradition of all Printronix line matrix technology delivering maximum uptime, low cost of ownership, and reliable performance. Read more ›

  • Printronix P7000 - cabinet model

    Printronix P7000

    The refurbished Printronix P7000 line printers are great for mission-critical printing. Choose from the cabinet or pedestal models. These are all refurbished, and they all qualify for on-site service contracts. Read more ›

  • Printronix P5000

    Printronix P5000

    No longer supported by Printronix. Find out about replacement options for Printronix P5000 & IBM 6400 line printers. Read more ›

  • Printronix S828

    Printronix S828

    Rugged metal construction enclosure ready for heavy-duty workloads. Leads its class in lowest noise level at 54dBA and print life of 800M characters. 6-pin tractors deliver outstanding form feed reliability on up to 8-part forms. Read more ›

  • TallyGenicom 6800 Enclosed Pedestal

    TallyGenicom 6800

    The TG 6800 family offers various speeds, including 500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 lines per minute. Provides improved reliability and the service benefits of new Printronix printers. Read more ›

  • TallyGenicom 6600 - Pedestal Line Printer

    TallyGenicom 6600

    The TallyGenicom 6600 family is available at various speeds, including 500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 lines per minute. Read more ›

  • IBM 6500 Continuous Form Impact Printing

    Infoprint 6500

    500 LPM Line Printer pedestal model. 1,000 LPM Line Printer pedestal model. Cabinet style models: 1,500 LPM Line Printer – 6500-v15. 2,000 LPM Line Printer – 6500-v20. Read more ›

  • IBM 6400 Line Printer

    IBM 6400

    IBM 6400 line printers are available, expertly refurbished, and certified for PCI Maintenance Service with a plentiful supply of repair parts. Find out more ›

  • Dascom 2810 - form printer

    Tally Dascom 2810-2820

    Prints up to 960 (2810) and 1200 (2820) characters per second at 12 CPI ▪ Rated workload 50,000 printed pages per month. Read more ›

  • Dascom 2610 - Dot Matrix Printer

    Tally Dascom 2600-2610

    The Tally DASCOM 2600+ is a feature-rich,  reliable impact printer. Performance and workload, clever design, usability, great pricing – choose the 2600+ for your forms printing needs. Read more ›

  • 4347-i dot matrix printer

    Tally Dascom 4347-i

    Tally 4347 I Series of heavy-duty industrial printers from DASCOM Americas. All 4347-I models are available with IPDS. Print up to 1200 CPS Characters-Per-Second. Read more ›

  • Compuprint - 4247 X03

    Compuprint 4247

    Equivalent to the popular InfoPrint-Ricoh 4247 dot matrix line. Robust, reliable, and versatile printers for very heavy-duty printing needs in industrial, logistics, and administrative application environments. Read more ›

  • Printronix-Ribbon-Cartridges

    Printronix P7000/P8000 Ribbon Cartridges

    The Printronix Line Matrix P7000 and P8000 Printers with the 255048-402 ribbon provide an intelligent design, high quality, and operational, including the lowest cost for consumables and TCO total cost of ownership. Read more ›

  • IBM-6500-ribbon-cartridges-spools

    Infoprint 6500 Ribbon Cartridges

    InfoPrint 6500 Ribbons by Printronix. As the Original Ribbon Manufacturer, these Printronix ribbons for InfoPrint 6500 Ribbon line printers are identical to the Ricoh InfoPrint product. Read more ›

  • TallyGenicom-cartridge-ribbons

    TallyGenicom T6218 & T6312 Ribbons

    TallyGenicom no longer makes these ribbons! Replacement ribbons, for Tally T6218, T6215, T6212, and TallyGenicom T6312, and T6306 printers. Find out more ›

  • 4247-dot-matrix-ribbon

    Compuprint 4247 Ribbons

    Compuprint 57P1743 ribbon equivalent. The 260059-002 ribbon for the Printronix S828 and S809 printers is fully compatible, and we have plenty in stock to ship ASAP. Read more ›

  • Microplex-F32-toner-supplies

    Microplex F32 Toner & Supplies

    Consumables for the 32 PPM continuous forms printers – MicroPlex F32 Toner and Supplies and also for the Printronix L7032. Read more ›