InfoPrint 6500 Ribbon by Printronix

InfoPrint 6500 Ribbon by Printronix

As the Original Ribbon Manufacturer, these Printronix ribbons for InfoPrint 6500 Ribbon line printers are identical to the Ricoh InfoPrint product. (Click Here to buy more InfoPrint 6500 Printers.)


The Ricoh InfoPrint 6500 ribbon part numbers are 41U1680 for SPOOLS, and the CARTRIDGES are 45U3895 and 45U3891. The 6500 ribbon offerings are all now available from Printer Connection, made by Printronix, with great pricing, and named with the suffix “-PTX.”

6500 spool ribbon by Printronix
41U1680-PTX for InfoPrint V printers


41U1680-PTX: six-pack.
Ultra Capacity Spool Ribbon, 81M characters


InfoPrint 6500 ribbon cartridge 45U3891 or 45U3895 from Printronix
45U3891-PTX and 45U3895-PTX from Printronix

45U3895-PTX: four-pack. 
Extended Life Cartridge, 30k Pages of 5% on 8.5×11″

45U3891-PTX: four-pack.
Standard Life Cartridges, 17K Pages of 5% on 8.5×11.”

Finally – A Choice for the InfoPrint 6500 Ribbon Customer

six pack of 6500 spool ribbons by Printronix

We are happy to announce the arrival of the Printronix branded spool and cartridge ribbons for the InfoPrint 6500 Printers! Now you can choose InfoPrint-branded or Printronix-branded 6500 ribbon from Printer Connection since Printronix makes both! We keep the Spool 6-pack and the Extended Life Cartridge 4-pack in stock.

Interested in Even Greater Savings? Switch off Ricoh Service to PCI.

  • A PCI 6500 Service Plan can serve you better, save you money, and save your production up-time compared to a Ricoh RPPS plan.
  • Our unique “Three Strikes and It’s Out” 6500 service action plan.
  • A PCI On-Site Service Loaner Printer, available to our multi-printer, multi-year service customers
  • Ribbon Discounts for customers with a multi-year PCI maintenance service.
  • Pallet Quantity Discounts for Power Printer Users

Would you like to consider standardizing on an all-Printronix fleet?

  • Trade-in Offers on InfoPrint 6500, IBM 6400, Printronix P7000, and P5000 printers.
  • Choose between the new Printronix P8000 and refurbished P7000 printers.
  • For an offer, gather your details and call us at 817-430-6202 or contact us by CLICKING HERE.