IBM 6262 Band Printer – IBM iSeries – AS400


The Impact Print Operator’s Favorite Old Choice, The IBM 6262

IBM 6262 Line Printer

Customers have slowly and begrudgingly retired the long-loved IBM 6262 Band Printer.  It was a favorite unit cherished for its reliable toughness, its ease of use for operators, and the excellent print quality of its fully-formed characters. This machine didn’t need IBM AFP or IPDS printing.

The 6262: Green Bar Paper – Line Printers

The IBM 6262 swing gate mechanism allowed operators to load forms and large ribbons quickly and easily. The four forms-feed tractors were adjustable with a single knob and permitted routine processing of pre-printed, pre-numbered forms.

IBM 6262 Parts, Service, and Supplies

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IBM Mainframe & AS400 iSeries Printing

The 6262 Band Printer came in lines per minute (LPM) speeds of 1200, 1400, and a quick 2200 LPM. With the several IBM computer divisions and customer preferences, the IBM 6262 Impact Line Printer offered a plethora of attachment options – IBM mainframe channel, iSeries servers – AS/400 – S/34/36/38 heritage twinax, IBM 3270 and follow-on controller units coax, IBM PC parallel/serial, and Dataproducts parallel the system IBM.

Best IBM 6262 Printer Replacement Options Based on Your Needs

Do you need your output on single-sheet paper or labels?  Do you need to print “greenbar-width” (14 7/8″) or 12″ or less?  Does your application need to be a high-quality output?

You can possibly move the job to a continuous-form laser printer, and stay with the pin-feed paper forms.

These MICROPLEX printers are good replacement options >
Do you need output on multi-part forms?

These PRINTRONIX LINE MATRIX PRINTERS are good replacement choices >
Is it time to move the job to sheet-fed cutsheet laser printing?

Several options are available for you, depending on your preferred server platform.  We can help you review DocPath, PlanetPress, RSA, and Mapping Suite.

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Is there a need for an IBM replacement cutsheet laser printer?

The 6262 had no use for IPDS, so review and contact us for Ricoh new sheet-fed options.
Low volume and low budget replacement options for the 6262

These refurbished line printers are good replacement options: 
Printronix P5000, InfoPrint 6500 , and the IBM 6400

Models by Attachment

The IBM Infoprint model naming convention of “6262-xyy” told the story of how it was attached and how fast it would produce output. The “x” was a character for the attachment, and “yy” was the line speed times 100. Unlike line matrix printers, the 6262 was a hammer printer that used 3 print bands for printing different character sets.

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IBM 6262 Line Printer Replacement Parts & Accessories

Even though there are no new replacement parts, and even though the long-used IBM printer is being repaired with long-used repair parts scavenged from other donor units, IBM 6262 Band Printers continue to perform in some production environments today. No new printheads printer parts must be from scrapped models.

Printer IBM Model; LPM with the 48-character-set print band


  • 6262-012; 1200
  • 6262-014; 1400
  • 6262-022; 2200


  • 6262-A12; 1200
  • 6262-A14; 1400
  • 6262-A22; 2200


  • 6262-D12; 1200
  • 6262-D14; 1400
  • 6262-D22; 2200


  • 6262-P12; 1200
  • 6262-P14; 1400
  • 6262-P22; 2200


  • 6262-T12; 1200
  • 6262-T14; 1400
  • 6262-T22; 2200


  • W 39.5″ X D 33.5″ X H 53.5″
  • Weight: 793 pounds
  • Power: 208V AC 1-phase
  • Acoustics: Printing 57dBA, idling 52 dBA


  • Flexible system attachment
  • Outstanding price/performance
  • Enhanced operator convenience
  • Easy forms setup and paper handling
  • Quiet Operation
  • New levels of reliability
  • First-line viewing
  • Swing gate
  • Four forms-feed tractors
  • Up to six-part forms
  • Power stacker
  • Small footprint
  • Bar code printing including Postnet
  • Convenience vacuum

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How Band Printers Work

A line printer uses a metal band, or loop, of type characters as its printing mechanism. Unlike the line matrix, the band contains a fixed set of embossed characters that can only be changed by replacing the band. The band spins horizontally around a set of hammers, one for each print column. When the required character in the band has revolved around the selected print column, the hammer pushes the paper into the ribbon and against the embossed image of the letter, digit, or symbol.

Band printers can print up to approximately 2,000 lpm and can exist in very harsh industrial environments, although they are mostly used in data centers. Band printers and line matrix printers are the two surviving line printer technologies.

Band printer definition and image from PC Magazine >

How Band Printers Work

Impact printers, line/line matrix printers, dot matrix printers, and serial matrix printers.

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