Printronix P7210 Line Printer


Printronix P7210 Printers. Replace old IBM 6400, P5000 now because Printronix no longer stocks parts for those old units.

Replace your old IBM 6400 and Printronix P5000 units – Printronix as the manufacturer no longer makes or stocks new replacement parts for those old P5000 and 6400 units.

The rugged P7210 fits in administrative offices and on the manufacturing floor, printing at speeds up to 1000 LINES PER MINUTE.

P7000 Series Product Brochures – click for more info:

Printronix P7210 line printer
Printronix P7210 Line Printer, 1000 LPM

Printronix P7210 Line Printers – key features:

Unattended High-Speed Printing – Fan-fold forms and automatic stacking

Rugged – For harsh environments

Wide-Page Printing – Forms up to 17″ wide

Office or Warehouse Use – Quiet, low-decibel printing

Handles Specialized Forms – Multi-up, multi-part or heavy stock

The Printronix P7210 Replaces the Following IBM and Printronix Printers:

  • Replacement for IBM/InfoPrint
    • IBM 6400-010 and IBM 6400-i10
    • InfoPrint 6500-V10
  • Replacement for Printronix
    • Printronix P5210
  • If your print volumes have declined, choose the P7210 to replace the faster units like:
    • IBM 6400-015, IBM 6400-i15
    • Printronix P5215

Customers that rely on the IBM 6400 and Printronix P5000 printers need to make a change. Print shuttles are no longer available re-manufactured. Boards are failing at an increasing rate. A tiny little battery is dying on the controller boards, and there is no replacement. Also, the device that holds the ribbon off the paper (ribbon mask) is no longer available as a new part. These items are only replaced during a repair with a used part pulled from another old parts. How long the used replacement lasts is anyone’s guess. Ask the users of these reports and labels if that output is critical to your operation. Request a replacement quote today for your budget planning.

Impact printers, line/line matrix printers, dot matrix printers, and serial matrix printers.

*Discontinued printer models are occasionally offered refurbished or remanufactured. Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.