Tally DASCOM 2600 and Tally DASCOM 2610

Tally DASCOM 2600 and Tally DASCOM 2610

Tally DASCOM 2600+
Tally DASCOM 2600+

Choose the Tally DASCOM 2600 and Tally 2610 printers for reliability and excellent vendor support.

Highlights of the Tally DASCOM 2600+ and Tally DASCOM 2610+
  • Print width: 80 columns (2600+) and 136 columns (2610+) 
  • Speed ​​up to 680 cps. 
  • The workload of up to 20,000 pages/month. 
  • Eighty columns in model Tally DASCOM 2600+ and 136 in Tally DASCOM 2610+. 
  • Print head with 24 pins to provide excellent quality. 
  • Straight paper path to improve paper loading. 
  • Ethernet, parallel, and USB interface.

Tally DASCOM 2600+ Family

The Tally DASCOM 2600+ is a feature-rich, thoughtful, reliable impact printer. Performance and workload, clever design, usability, great pricing – choose the 2600+ for your forms printing needs. 

Continuous and sheet-fed forms may enter the front for speedy and easy loading. A straight path for the document forms results in reliable paper flow through the unit, up to six-part documents. The thoughtful design makes loading the paper easier. Now, your operator does not have to reach over or around the printer to access rear-located tractors.

The user interventions keep to a minimum with all the features that keep your output running at optimum reliability and performance.

The 2600+ and 2610+ are “home-on-the-range” in the computer room, the office, or out in the warehouse. An unobtrusive 52 dbA acoustic rating results in a printer that is half as quiet compared to many competitive models.

Quick Points on the Tally DASCOM 2600+

Its 680 cps print speed allows up to 20.000 pages per month ▪ Excellent print quality ▪ Ethernet parallel, and USB interface as standard ▪ User-friendly interface with backlight illuminated LCD.

The heritage of Tally DASCOM 2600+ and 2610+ serial impact printers are compact, rugged, and reliable and print at high speed (up to 680 cps) while available at affordable cost. These printers contain an internal Ethernet card and USB and Parallel options for connecting to your system requirements. Either model is easy to configure by the user, positioning the tractors in the back or front. The paper path is rectilinear, making it more reliable for printing up to six-copy forms.

The printers have a 24-pin head for maximum quality printing. The design allows the use of a wide range of supports: continuous paper, loose sheets, copy or multi-copy, and pressure-sensitive labels. For the operators, the low sound level of 53 dBA offers a practical tool for the workplace.

The new Tally DASCOM 2610+ is an improved version of the successful 136-column wide Tally DASCOM 2610.

Tally DASCOM 2610+
Tally DASCOM 2610+

Thanks to the two-part top cover, users retrieve pages even more quickly.

A metal tear bar ensures that thick paper or multi-copy forms separate cleanly. 

The durable ribbon of 10 million characters (2600+) and 15 million (2610+) is even easier to replace. 

The new ribbon mask guarantees that the ribbon inserts correctly. 

The USB host interface allows installing new firmware via a USB stick. 

The new printhead is up to 20% faster and allows a noise reduction of up to 2 decibels.

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