Printronix T5000R Thermal


Printronix T5000r Heavy Duty Thermal Barcode Printers; a Great Alternative to Zebra Printers

Printronix T5000R Thermal Printers Highlights:

Printronix T5000R Thermal

The Printronix T5000r thermal barcode printer has proven to be a reliable, tough and flexible unit for mission-critical duty cycles and harsh environments. RFID is provided for with an upgrade capability built into the printer. Enjoy the widest range of competitive printer connectivity and without any issue with performance.

Need 100% readable barcode?

Want to avoid chargebacks due to bad barcodes? Achieve the highest level of performance with the Printronix ODV Online Data Verification option on the T5000 family.

Evaluate the Online Data Validation feature on the Printronix T5000 family of printers.

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000002KEY FEATURES of the Printronix T5000R Thermal Printer

  • Maximum length 625m ribbon reduces stopages due to ribbon changes and lowers supplies costs
  • Die-cast aluminum backbone design serves to dampen machine vibration and maintain printer alignment precision and quality of bar code output
  • Smart ventless design allows operation in tough environs with dust and other particulate matter without harming performance or affecting print quality
  • Industry-leading dual direct drive motor ribbon system avoids clutch replacement and ribbon wrinkle to ensure good bar code production
  • Built-in Zebra, Intermec, TEC, Datamax, Sato and Monarch printer language support
  • Nicely accessable side-load, cleaning and maintenance for more printing with less down time
  • Customer-friendly field installable snap-in printheads featuring easy resolution change help to eliminate many needs for service calls

*Discontinued printer models are occasionally offered refurbished or remanufactured. Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.