TallyGenicom C6820 Line Matrix Printer – 2000 LPM


TallyGenicom C6820 – The top in the TallyGenicom Line Matrix Printer family, and the Fastest TG Line Printer on the Market today !! 2000 Lines Per Minute

TallyGenicom C6820Great Upgrade Path for TallyGenicom C6820:

  • Compatibility for the Tally 6200 Family – Tally 6218, Tally 6215, Tally 6212
  • Compatibility for the Tally 6300 Family – Tally 6312, Tally 6206

Move to the TallyGenicom C6820 for a great Tally T6218 replacement

The TG 6820 is the KING of volume batch printing.  If you need reliable and fast printing to accomplish your goals, rely on the TG6820.

Equipped with the TallyGenicom controller technology, the C6820 is compatible to the Tally line printer heritage and the strong cousin to the Printronix P8220.

Line Printer for Mission-Critical Operations
The TG C6820 printer is a rock-solid high-speed solution for high-volume form printing. Business-tested print engines and time-tested controller technology combine in the C6820.

Impact printers, line/line matrix printers, dot matrix printers, and serial matrix printers.

*Discontinued printer models are occasionally offered refurbished or remanufactured. Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.