InfoPrint 6500-V1P Line Matrix Printer


IBM InfoPrint 6500-V1P: 1,000 LPM Open Pedestal; Ethernet and Code V/IGP Graphics. Upgrade batch runs on an underpowered tabletop serial dot matrix printer to this InfoPrint 6500-V1P unit. It is an economical and high-speed solution!

Great supply of refurbished V1P units with Ethernet and CodeV/IGP graphics.

V1P On-Site Printer Maintenance Service Available –  PCI 9×5 NBD or Ricoh RPPS 24×7 Service

InfoPrint-6500-pedestal-cabinetInfoPrint 6500-V1P 1000 lpm unit Summary:

  • Print speeds up to 1,000 lines per minute
  • User friendly interface and controls
  • Remote management capability

The InfoPrint 6500-V1P line printer with its state-of-the-art print engine/controller allows you to confidently meet the demands of back office, logistics operations and/or data processing applications.

Highlights on the InfoPrint 6500 V1P:

  • Pedestal design to maximize floor space
  • Quiet cabinet design for office operations
  • Real-time alert messaging for immediate attention of printer status
  • Bar code, graphics and overlay capabilities
  • Intelligent ribbon system for maintaining optimum print quality
  • Low total cost of printing with extreme reliability

Trade-Up and Trade-In Program available.  Ask for the details!

InfoPrint 6500-V1P Line Printer – The InfoPrint 6500 V1P Line Printer attaches to a wide spectrum of IBM systems — from IBM mainframes and parallel servers to PCs – and plenty of all the other systems in the marketplace.

The InfoPrint 6500-V1P offers:

  • Print speeds up to 1,000 lines per minute
  • High-function operator interface
  • Ultra Capacity 50 M character ribbon
  • Intelligent ribbon system
  • Proactive printer monitoring with the IBM Printer Management Utility (PMU)
  • Fast installation with the new Quick Setup Menu
  • Attachment via wireless Ethernet, LAN Ethernet, ASCII, coax, or twinax interfaces

The IBM InfoPrint 6500-V10 AND V1P is an extremely versatile, cost-effective printer. It can be attached via Ethernet, wireless Ethernet, Telnet, ASCII, coax, or twinax to such diverse hosts as the IBMiSeries™, zSeries®, and pSeries® servers, IBM PC and Netfinity® servers, IBM-compatible PCs, non-IBM systems supporting the ASCII serial or parallel interface, and LANs.

*Discontinued printer models are occasionally offered refurbished or remanufactured. Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.