DASCOM Tally 2810 – Tally 2820

Tally 2810 – Tally 2820

DASCOM Tally 2810 - Tally 2820
DASCOM Tally 2810 – Tally 2820

Choose the Tally 2810 – Tally 2820 printers for reliability and excellent vendor support.

Prints up to 960 (2810) and 1200 (2820) characters per second at 12 CPI ▪ Rated workload 50,000 printed pages per month ▪ Long-life print head rated at 750 million characters ▪ Ethernet interface with IPv6support (standard) ▪ A variety of optional interfaces ▪ Can print up to 7 copies (the original + 6 copies) ▪ A metal tear-off edge for no wasted forms ▪ Industrial design for demanding environments.

The Tally 2810 – Tally 2820 printers deliver fast, efficient performance under the most rigorous conditions in challenging environments. Built to perform, T2810 and T2820 give the users an exceptional form handling capability. Enjoy the ability to print heavy workloads. Choose the rugged durability that ensures quality operation in harsh conditions. An excellent value, Tally 2810 and Tally 2820 offer low operation costs and are well-matched to perform with Microsoft® Windows-driven applications. They are also highly compatible with legacy systems and other host operation environments. Built as intuitive as they are tough, Tally 2810 and Tally 2820 are also easy to use, and the automated features limit the potential for human error during operation.

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*Discontinued printer models are occasionally offered refurbished or remanufactured. Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.