Printronix P8220 Line Printer High Speed


Printronix P8220: Replacement for IBM 6400-015, IBM 6400-i2s, IBM 6400-020. Replacement for Printronix P5215 or P5220. If you have a 1500 or 2000 LPM line printer, it’s now time to move!

Upgrade IBM 6400 with Printronix P8220, the 2000 LPM Top End of the Printronix P8000 Family

Printronix P8220

We can supply the tremendous new Printronix P8220 printers.

The top of the line Printronix P8220 model is the fastest new line matrix impact printer in existence today.

The quiet cabinet model Printronix P8220, sometimes called by the model name Printronix P8C20 (‘C’ for Cabinet), is a low sound emission 55 dBA line printer for reliable and unobtrusive production printing.

The P8220 and the Printronix P8215 (1500 LPM) are the most popular mission-critical bulk output printing models.

The Printronix P8220 has proven to be a rugged workhorse in the field and handles large loads of high-importance mission-critical batch printing. Contact GLM Group to evaluate this tool for your crucial printing requirements.

IBM 6400-015REPAIR ISSUES on 6400 and P5000:

  • Print Shuttles used to get entirely rebuilt by Printronix for IBM 6400 and Printronix P5000 units. No longer is this available.
  • Spare Inventory of new Ribbon Masks and Ribbon Hubs at Printronix is now gone.
  • Ricoh RPPS and their outsource service partner Fuji (a.k.a. CE Services) do not have a ‘special deal’ with Printronix for parts.
  • Ricoh dropped Printronix as a sales partner in 2011.

There is no unique accommodation for Ricoh/Fuji. To our knowledge, Ricoh/Fuji have not shared the severity of this 6400 situation with their maintenance install base other than to say that there are plenty of spare parts. Sure there are — and RPPS will still write a contract on an ancient IBM 6262 by scavenging old used parts from other old 6262 carcasses.

*Discontinued printer models are occasionally offered refurbished or remanufactured. Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.