Continuous Form Laser Printers

Fanfold Laser Printing for Labels, Tags, and Document Forms

Upgrade to New Units from our wide selection of continuous form laser printer models. Replace Older Units like IBM/RICOH INFOPRINT 4100, INFOPRINT 4000, and OCE VARIOSTREAM. 

High-Volume Laser Label Printing for Distribution Centers, Warehouses, and Manufacturers

Are you looking to add another printer like one of those pictured below? Or are you looking to replace older equipment? Our goal is to help you find the right machine for your organization’s fanfold printing needs.

Print Quality Barcodes or QR Codes at High Speeds in High Volumes – Industrial Laser Printing for Commercial Applications

Our production printing experts can help you find better, faster, production label printing solutions. We offer the best tractor-feed laser printing options available for most budgets.

EIGHT OPTIONS – Choose from Fusing Method, Printer Speed, Media Size Requirements, and Budget Limits:

COOL FLASH OF LIGHT FUSER:  Microplex F140, F90, F60HD, F40SATO LP 100R

HEAT AND PRESSURE ROLLER:  Microplex F44, F34, and the refurbished F32

SATO Continuous Form Flash Fusion Laser Printer

The SATO LP 100R continuous form laser printer delivers 65 ppm 8.5″ tall page-folds or 100 ppm in 2-up letter mode. Can print on continuous labels, card stock, or transaction documents for continuous printing.

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Microplex Continuous Form Laser and Flash Fusion Printers

The Microplex* line provides a fantastic array of continuous forms lasers. Enjoy the range of products from the high-speed production beast, Microplex F140 Laser Printer, to the compact Microplex F44.

Microplex F140 Laser Printer

Highest volume printer in the marketplace; Microplex F140 laser printer at 140 ppm 2-up performance with standard power stacker. Read More >

Solid F90HD Laser Printers

Sharp 600 DPI text and images. Now available on the new SOLID F90HD continuous-form laser. Read More >

Microplex F44 Continuous Laser

Microplex compact CF Laser, 44ppm, 12″ media, up to 50,000 pages per month with optional power stacker. Also available as MICR Solid F44 for check printing. Read more >

Microplex F40 Continuous Laser Printers

Most affordable continuous form laser printing in the marketplace; Microplex F40 printers solid, 40 ppm on 8.5″-tall pages.
Read More >

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InfoPrint Continuous Form Laser – Ricoh/IBM Continuous

InfoPrint 4000 and InfoPrint 4100; Heat/Pressure Fusing, no longer sold

Click below on a continuous laser printer model for more details on these InfoPrint units:

InfoPrint 75
InfoPrint 75 and 100 shown

A reliable workhorse from the IBM InfoPrint laser printer days, the InfoPrint 4100 and 4000 provided high printing volumes for pinless and pin-feed requirements. Please note that Ricoh’s care will end in April 2024, and they likely will not begin a new contract for you. Instead of lpm InfoPrint speed is measured in pages per minute.

For years, the InfoPrint 75 and InfoPrint 100 were great units until Ricoh announced the End of Support on these printers. The IP75 and IP100 lost Ricoh’s contract service support and Ricoh toner supplies on March 31, 2021.

Printronix Continuous – The Discontinued LaserLine Series

Model Numbers:

In 2008 Printronix quit making and supporting these high-speed continuous form laser printers.

ALSO AVAILABLE – COLOR Continuous Forms Printing

Color CF Volume Label Production Printers Available

Continuous Feed Paper Sizes

GLM Group offers continuous form laser printers in three basic paper print widths. Customers can choose from 11-inch, 13 7/8-inch (old ‘green bar’ paper), and 17-inch paper. The paper feed mechanism is via tractors, so one-half inch adds to the total width on each side. Printer choices allow for these three maximums. The customer may use a more narrow paper if desired. For example, some users print on 8.5-inch wide (plus an inch for tractor holes) and 11-inch tall, or ‘portrait letter’ size. Many customers try to print labels as wide as the form factor will allow. This method takes advantage of most labels produced per output foot and minimizes the cost-per-label.

High-quality continuous form printers are offered through GLM’s official affiliation with Printer Connection, Inc., an authorized reseller of these products. Many customers have inquired through our GLM website and acquired units from PCI as sold by GLM.

The printer models listed below use two laser printing technologies, flash fusion, and heat pressure rollers. For more info on the two technologies, click here ›



Printronix L5031

Laserline Models Discontinued*


Variostream 7100

Flash Fusion Models Discontinued*


InfoPrint 4100

InfoPrint 4000

InfoPrint 100

InfoPrint 75

InfoPrint Models Discontinued*

*Discontinued printer models are occasionally offered refurbished or remanufactured. Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.