TallyGenicom 6805 Pedestal Printer

The TallyGenicom 6805 Pedestal Printer


Replacing old legacy Tally or TallyGenicom line printers? Here is your very best choice for extremely reliable, lowest-cost volume form printing. Choose the TallyGenicom 6805 Pedestal Printer in 500 lines per minute from GLM Group.

Budget-Friendly TallyGenicom 6805 Pedestal with Enclosed Stand

TallyGenicom 6805 Pedestal

TallyGenicom 6805 with Enclosed Pedestal configuration is your most economical new line printer. Replace those old Tally and TallyGenicom line printers now. This printer is the entry point to the TallyGenicom 6800 family of line printers.

Qualifying Questions on Moving to the TallyGenicom 6805 Pedestal

Have one or more of these?  T6218, T6215, T6212, T6206;  T6212, T6206. Time to do what’s right for your company. If that Tally printer output is important or critical, move to reliability and dependability.

Having ribbon issues? The ribbons were discontinued by TallyGenicom. Third-party ribbons have been unreliable and nearly impossible to source.

Having service issues?  We quit doing service on those old units. Why? NO new repair parts and NO reliable old “pulled-part” repair parts. We would find a part and make the repair Then something else breaks on the printer. Could be the part we replaced or something else! Customers tired of the increased level of service calls, and we did too. That’s why we stopped offering service on these old units.

Answer? Upgrade! Get a newer TallyGenicom fully compatible printer from us. Benefit from ample repair parts, skilled nationwide service techs, great ribbons, and an affordable deal for the your budget.

Short Video Walk-Around

TallyGenicom E6805 enclosed pedestal line printer
Low basket position
TallyGenicom E6805 enclosed pedestal printer
High basket position
TallyGenicom E6805 enclosed pedestal ]
High basket from rear view

A Familiar Form to the TallyGenicom T6306 and T6312 User Base

The TallyGenicom E6805 Enclosed Pedestal style delivers convenience and a quiet user environment. Customers find it easy to operate. Moving it is easy due to its strong casters. Output is easy to recover by reaching to the rear tray over the top of the pedestal. If the printer’s job is generating larger print runs, you can set the tray in the lower position..

The TallyGenicom 6805 Pedestal with Enclosed Pedestal carries on the tradition of the great old Tally and TG line printers. Equipped with a door on front for access to the box of paper, it helps to keep the noise low and the convenience high.

Contact GLM Group for details and budget numbers for your upgrade planning.


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*Discontinued printer models are occasionally offered refurbished or remanufactured. Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.