Compuprint 4247-Z03


For many years, IBM sold the IBM InfoPrint 4247 printers and their customers assumed they were actually built by IBM. But here’s the secret…

Compuprint 4247-Z03 Serial Dot Matrix Printer Highlights:

Compuprint 4247-Z03

The IBM 4247 never was really “BUILT BY IBM”!
They were all manufactured to IBM’s specifications by the Italian company Compuprint.

Compuprint continues to offer the very same products that they built for IBM, available as the Compuprint 4247 Family.

The top of the line is the tough 4247-Z03. Many customers favor the 4247-Z03, the toughest and highest speed of the three models available. Also available from Compuprint are the 4247-X03 and 4247-L03, described at the bottom of this webpage.

Line Printer Replacement Option

Q: How is the Compuprint 4247-Z03 like the fleet of Southwest Airlines planes?

A: They are both 737’s!

With the Compuprint 4247-Z03 rating of up to 1100 characters per second,
the speed equates to 737 LINES PER MINUTE.

Do you use 500 LPM Line Printers ?

Consider the Compuprint Z03 for your line printer requirements for print loads at less than 1000 LPM. It is an affordable alternative to a line printer, and could be faster with some print loads.

Annual maintenance, IBM 6400-050 500 LPM printer, Ricoh RPPS by Fuji/CES Services is:
$1,164 for 24×7 onsite.

Does Ricoh’s guys and gals really get out to your place 24×7 — or do they ask to come the next day?

Act now, and save 50% per year with a 9×5 NBD contract on a 4247-Z03.

Review the Z03 against units like the old 500 LPM IBM 6400 or InfoPrint 6500, or for an upgrade from the old IBM 4230 or 4232 printers. Replace old expensive-to-maintain line printers like the very old IBM 5224, IBM 5225, IBM 6408, IBM 6412 and IBM 6400-004.

Download the 4247-Z03 Data Sheet.

Compuprint 4247-Z03 Features:

The Compuprint 4247-Z03 is comfortable in environments from the office to the warehouse with its industrial strength design, and it puts professional reliability into every single print job. For a long lifecycle with low per-page printing costs and mission-critical reliable operations, the Compuprint 4247-Z03 gives you peace of mind that inexpensive toner-based laser printers cannot match.

  • Quick and reliable printing at up to 1,100 characters per second
  • Line printer replacement with performance comparable to 737 LPM
  • Multi-part paper performance for up to 8 part forms
  • Tough mission-built metal case design for top durability in critical environments
  • Optional integrated controller support of Ethernet IPDS
  • Intelligent remote operational printer management

Other Compuprint 4247 Printers —

infoprint 4247_X03 multiform


The 4247-X03 is suited for tough printing surroundings. Whether in the warehouse or the office, this printer offers underlying reliability with a sleek outer design. Enjoy low cost per page performance with mission-critical operations. [Read More]

infoprint 4247_L03 multiform


The 4247-L03 is a low-cost alternative for wide paper impact printing on ‘greenbar’ or multi-part pinfeed forms. Equally at home in retail or logistics duty, the 4247-L03 handles low to medium volume continuous form print needs. [Read More]

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*Discontinued printer models are occasionally offered refurbished or remanufactured. Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.