Formax Burster – FD 676

Formax Burster for High-Volume Industrial Forms

FD 676 BursterFormax Burster FD 676 Features Include: 

  • Bursts up to 500 feet-per-minute
  • Built for continuous operation and heavy production
  • Fan-fold tractor feed media
  • Operator safety interlocks
  • Output conveyor to organize finished output

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Formax Bursters can detach your forms, separate perforated forms, and remove tractor feed edges. A burster is an integral unit for any business or department that produces one-part continuous forms such as checks, invoices, coupons, gift certificates, or any perforated document that needs to be separated.

The Formax FD 676 High-Volume Burster – handles large jobs for bursting. Performs up to 500 feet per minute processing speed while slitting, separating, and stacking the forms. The Formax Burster FD 676 is capable of continuous operation, and processing forms up to 17″ long.

The unit offers these standard features: 

Slitters for multi-across print division;

Tractor feed for input;

Operator safety interlocks;

Heavy-duty stand;

Output management conveyor unit.

Options available include:

Power drop-stacker.


Formax Bursters work to burst, separate, or “break apart” continuous-form labels, tags, or traditional computer paper, popping the form at the horizontal perforation. In addition, the tractor-feed pin holes on either side get removed. Some applications use a center slitter to separate the form vertically into two pieces, left and right. Operations with high volumes of papers may use a ‘Merger’ unit teamed with the burster. Two-up printing and processing raise the output volume by two, utilizing a fan-fold form printed two-up or side-by-side. The center slitter separates the two forms in the middle and feeds them into the burster in a staggered format, merges the flow, and comes out of the machine in one sequential, orderly stack.

We offer Formax Bursters on either purchase or lease, and service contracts are available. Contact us for a quote and more details on Formax Bursters.

*Discontinued printer models are occasionally offered refurbished or remanufactured. Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.