MicroPlex F32 – 32 PPM Continuous Form Laser Printer – Withdrawn Product


The MicroPlex F32 was a solid, reliable continuous form laser printer. The Microplex F32 was available with supplies and services from Printer Connection and GLM Group. Now withdrawn by Printer Connection, users should consider the Microplex F40 or F34.

The Microplex F32:

  • Printed up to 32 pages per minute.
  • Plenty of parts and all consumables were in our large inventory.
  • Printers shipped refurbished in custom shipping crates.
  • Printed high-resolution barcodes & labels

Service plans and maintenance were available for these high-speed continuous form laser printers.

F32 MicroPlex Continuous Form Printer – Withdrawn

Was Available as Fully Refurbished

The MicroPlex Solid F32 was only available refurbished. Printer Connection purchased a huge stock of consumables for this reason, along with plenty of spare service parts for maintenance.

Download the PDF specifications:  
The MicroPlex F32

  • SPEED: 32 PPM
  • RESOLUTION: 600 dpi
  • DUTY CYCLE: 250,000 pages/month

F32 was a great, rugged high-speed continuous form laser printer that is a reliable replacement for F24 customers or any single-part paper line printer.

The F32 Laser printer featured all of the versatility and print quality of a laser printer yet competed with line printer pricing. For wide-format, you were able to print up to 15″ wide.

MicroPlex F32

The Benefits of a Line Printer Without the Look of Matrix Impact Printing

High speed, high resolution, use of fan-fold media, quick warm-up time, and quiet operation made it ideal for office environments. These printers are designed for high reliability and ease-of-use. Shown with optional pedestal/cabinet/powered stacker.

F32 MicroPlex Solid Continuous Form Laser Printer Features:

  • Simple design that is easy for self-maintenance
  • Line printer replacement: 1650 lines per minute @ 6 lines per inch
  • Fully compliant support for USPS Intelligent Mail® Barcode
  • Prints Cheshire label format
  • 32 PPM rating on 8.5″ tall ‘landscape letter’ format
  • 25 PPM on 11″ tall ‘portrait’ page format
  • 600 x 600 dots per inch print resolution
  • Runs pin-feed continuous labels and paper up to 15″ wide
  • Small footprint: 2 feet wide and deep, and 1.5 feet tall
  • Self-alignment reduces forms waste
  • Straight through paper path for worry-free forms handling
  • Long-life toner & consumables for efficient operation
  • Quiet Operation
  • Customer can remove the heat/pressure fuser for easy maintenance

Solid F32 Optional Features :

  • Pedestal/Cabinet from PCI
  • Pedestal/Cabinet/Powered Stacker
MicroPlex F32
The MicroPlex F32 with Optional Power Stacker

IBM 6262 Line Printer Replacement

Consider updating your output to quality laser printing. Customers who still use the IBM 6262 for single-part paper printing can move today. If you can route your output to a sheet-fed laser, you can consider the Microplex SOLID F40 or the F34.

  • You’re able to use continuous paper
  • You can keep printing on “greenbar” forms
  • Use tractor feed media up to 15″ wide

Printing with a Microplex printer is your answer, and we are ready to help you right now! Click here, and describe your print environment to us.

Move to a printer company that knows how to help, has plenty of repair parts, and can ease you into continuous laser printing.

MicroPlex is offered through GLM’s authorized affiliation with Printer Connection, Inc., a long-time distributor of MicroPlex products. Many customers have inquired through our GLM website and acquired MicroPlex from GLM’s sales relationship with PCI.

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