Production Sheet Fed Printers and Workgroup Units


For printing pages in your workgroup setting and up to high volume output – Choose GLM Group.

Staff Productivity and Business Communications

We choose from great technology that uses a laser, LED, or Inkjet method to fit your company’s budget, reliability, print window, and staff productivity needs.

If you want Managed Print Service or want to “buy-as-you-go,” we can support your style.

Want to have one high-volume production unit and one spare, or do you like to spread the workload across several printers?

IBM Environment Knowledge

IPDS: Do you use and require the IPDS Language Support in your IBM Environment? Or are you moving to a non-IBM ERP system? You’re at the right place. That’s our background, and we’re ready to help.

Contact us, and we will offer our deep experience in this area.